Bollards – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Folding bollards to protect car parking spots

Bollards cover a wide range of uses in various environments. From parking bollards that solve common and persistent car park pain points, to steel bollards that cover asset protection and improve safety, each type offers an efficient service. A bollard shop will host a wide range of security solutions, ranging from parking bollards to removable bollards. Here at That’s My Spot, we offer our customers safety equipment in the form of premium parking barriers that have seen success for businesses, shopping centres, and public spaces across Australia. 
Wondering which bollard will suit your needs? First, you’ll need to know what kinds of bollards there are, where they can be found, and what their specific use cases are. 

What are the different types of bollards?

Manual parking bollards
Manual parking bollards installed in visitor parking bays

Parking bollards:

Bollards designed for a car park can span from those placed in parking bays to reduce illegal parking, to those used alongside and within the car park to protect pedestrians from moving vehicles. Parking bollards are typically foldable when placed in the parking bays themselves, to allow for vehicles to access them when permitted. Secondary to that, parking bollards that are used for security and pedestrian safety are commonly fixed and highly visible. They may be illuminated by lights, stacked in reinforced rows, or made from tough steel, but their purpose is to hold steady so vehicles can’t access pedestrian footpaths.  

Fixed bollards:

These are created to be fixed and stay in place are typically used on roads or to deter traffic from entering a specific zone. They are commonly made from resilient materials such as steel or other metals. They are designed to withstand heavy damage, and may separate pedestrians from moving vehicles, or moving vehicles from hazards such as sharp descents on the edge of a road. Fixed bollards are commonly designed with bright colours to offer high visibility and driver compliance. 

Removable bollards:

Some areas may only require bollards for a short period of time, such as meeting safety requirements for construction sites, or for crowd and traffic control during large events. These bollards are there to guide traffic and prevent accidents. They also give clear indicators to drivers and pedestrians where visitors are or are not permitted. Removable bollards are convenient solutions for those who do not want something permanent, but they are not as sturdy and tough as a fixed or safety bollard. 

Safety bollards:

These ground bollards are designed specifically to cater to roadside and car park safety. Made from reinforced materials, a safety bollard may come in the form of a parking bollard or fixed bollard. They put emphasis on traffic control, and aim to reduce speeds in the same way speed humps do. They are the obstacle that encourages drivers to drive with care, and for pedestrians to mind where they are going. These bollards are often found at schools, on roadsides, or in busy parking lots. 


Smartphone parking bollard TMS-APL3 and TMS-APL4 installed in disabled parking

Automatic bollards:

For those who value convenience above all else, automatic bollards provide a seamless means to deter vehicles from parking illegally, while ensuring no obstacle for the vehicles permitted in those bays. Typically, automatic bollards are sought out by individuals who wish to protect or reserve their parking spaces either at work or in their complex. Alternatively, they are also purchased by businesses and venues that wish to reserve bays for themselves, patrons, and staff members. Automatic bollards are designed to fold by the command of a remote or app, so that the driver doesn’t need to get out the car to access their parking spot.  

Manual bollards:

Manual bollards serve the same purpose as their automatic counterparts, with the key difference of being manually folded. These bollards are still the perfect choice for those who wish to reserve parking bays for themselves, their workers, or their patrons. While they don’t have quite the same level of convenience as an automatic bollard, you will find that a bollard shop offers a more affordable price for them. 

Security bollards:

When it comes to defending property from ram raids or vandalisation, security bollards offer the best protection. These bollards are reinforced and designed to withstand heavier collisions. They will be seen around murals, building features, or vulnerable areas of a property. They are designed specifically to fend off those who might have ill intent, and work to prevent certain crimes from being executed. Ram raids and vandalisation can cause expensive damage to a building or property, which makes security bollards highly sought out for asset protection. 

Where are bollards commonly found?

bollards in shopping centres
Bollards in Shopping Centres are important for safety

Shopping Centres:

One of the main locations you will find a parking bollard is in the car park of shopping centres. With such high volumes of traffic from both vehicles and pedestrians, shopping centres utilise the efficient service of quality bollards regularly. They may use safety bollards to keep pedestrians safe and off the road, they may use automatic and manual bollards for their workers, or they may use fixed bollards and security bollards to keep their assets protected. The busier a location is with vehicles entering and exiting, the more parking bollards become a necessary solution to the chaos. 

Places of work:

Offices host a number of people day in and day out, and with parking bays being far too few for the amount of workers commuting to their places of work, bollards are often implemented. Automatic and manual bollards are the most common in these areas, where workers will purchase their own bollards to reserve their spot in a busy location. It is also common to find security bollards, where assets are being protected from accidental or intentional collisions. 


Entertainment venues:

Another high traffic location are venues that host events or larger crowds. Sports bars, stadiums, and clubs are just a few venues which rely on ground bollards to manage the influx of guests coming and going. Similarly to offices and shopping centres, you might find automatic or manual bollards protecting certain bays so that staff or patrons may be the only ones with access. But more commonly, the bollards at these venues are designed for crowd control and asset protection. Fixed bollards, safety bollards, parking bollards, and security bollards, are all implemented in these venues. 

On the road:

Bollards are crucial aspects of many highways, freeways, or residential areas. For roads, fixed bollards and safety bollards are the most commonly found. Fixed or safety bollards may be found along busy roads to ensure vehicles can’t cross into lanes they are not meant to be changing into. They may also be found alongside the road to create a divide between moving vehicles and cliffs or dams. Safety bollards are commonly found in residential areas, especially near and around school zones. They work to keep pedestrians from straying onto the road when there is poor visibility for cars, or zones that are too dangerous to cross.  
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