Visitor Parking in Residential Apartments – a Case Study


The problem with visitor parking ……

There always seems to be a problem with visitor parking in residential apartments, especially for strata – and it’s only getting worse.

A wonderful new residential apartment building in Melbourne as part of a new development. With 36 visitor parking bays servicing over 230 apartments, as the apartments in the building started to sell and fill up, the building manager kept incurring more and more problems with illegal parking in visitor parking bays.


With parking at enough of a premium already – we all know that city apartment prices are not cheap – residents were starting to use the empty visitor bays as free parking for their 2nd vehicles when they only had one parking spot as part of their ownership or lease.

In the beginning this wasn’t too much of a problem because the building was only new, and the apartments were only slowly filling up. But now, as the building reached capacity, the overrun into visitor parking bays was causing a huge headache. And visitor parking in these residential apartments was becoming so much harder.

No matter how many signs they put up, people just ignored them. And the building manager was getting so frustrated chasing all the unauthorised parkers.

Both for the building manager, but also for the residents whose visitors couldn’t park because the visitor bays were all taken up.


How thatsMYspot solved the visitor parking problem in Melbourne

The owners’ corporation of this residential strata building got us involved to solve their parking pain.

With our smartphone operated parking bollards, the building manager was able to allocate visitor parking bays to those “true” visitors, and block any residents who had gotten too used to having access to them. This meant that any visitors just called ahead, got instructions to download the app to operate the bollards, and the building manager could then grant them access to a particular visitor parking bay for the duration of their stay only. The visitor could then use their own smartphone to lower the bollard on arrival to park there. This building opted for our  TMS-APL4 smartphone parking bollards with auto-sensors, which meant that when the visitor left, the parking bollard would just automatically rise up to secure the bay again. The visitor didn’t have to remember to do anything when they left at all.

Simple and secure! Solving a pain point for visitor parking in residential strata buildings with ease.

thatsMYspot smart bollards solving visitor parking pain in a Melbourne apartment building

We delivered the service from beginning to end – from consulting, advising as to the best product for their needs, as well as installation of the parking bollards which was done in a single day. And our solutions are in demand from a whole lot of strata buildings. Listen to talk about these issues in more detail in a podcast interview here on the Your Strata Property podcast.

We love our happy customers!

smartphone-parking-bollard-with auto-closing-sensor-TMS-APL5-and-TMS-APL6-upright
TMS-APL5 and TMS-APL6 smartphone parking bollard with auto-closing sensor

The building manager and the owners corporation are so thrilled with the outcome – how we solved their visitor parking in residential apartments. It’s made their lives so much easier and stress-free, and parking in their building is no longer the problem it used to be.

The building manager could get back to the rest of her job, and the residents could get back to enjoying their wonderful newly constructed home, without the stress of parking.

So happy we can help customers like these make their lives simpler and less stressful by solving their parking problems in residential strata apartment buildings.

Do you live in an apartment building that has the same ongoing battles around visitor parking allocation as this new residential development in metro Melbourne? We can help! Check out our parking bollard shop or contact us to solve it for you!