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Manual Folding Bollards | Parking Solutions

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your parking spot is safe with a manual folding bollard.

Manual folding bollards are by far the most budget-friendly bollard for securing your parking bay.

You’ll never have to worry about your personal parking spot being taken before you get to it again. Our range features an assortment of options to suit all needs, from heavy-duty, durable folding bollards with padlocks, to our extra wide fold-down parking lock with padlock, to the simple unsung hero that is the traditional sentry folding bollard.

Most of our manual folding bollards come in yellow with red reflective tape for safety reasons. Our bollards are designed to catch people’s attention, ensuring high visibility at all hours of the day.

A tried and proven deterrent to would-be parking opportunists, our manual folding bollards readily collapse and are secured with either a key lock or padlock system. Give a copy of the keys to anybody you’d like to have access to the parking spot, while stopping unauthorised drivers in their tracks.

For strata managers and parking operators, the parking bollard provides a simplified, pre-emptive means of ensuring visitor parking and disabled bay parking rules are enforced. There’s no need to waste time chasing down offenders.

When it comes to parking enforcement in a private or corporate capacity, prevention really is better than cure. Keep parking spots open and traffic flowing. Users might miss a no-parking sign, but they certainly won’t miss a bollard!

What’s more, collapsible bollards aren’t just seeing use in parking spots either. These durable guards have since seen adoption in all areas where vehicular impact needs to be prevented. Other uses include throughout warehouses or coolrooms, where mishaps with forklifts and trolleys can prove not only costly, but dangerous. Feel free to contact us if you’d like advice on the best type of bollard to suit your individual circumstances.

If you need help with our manual folding bollards or any other bollard installation , don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team!