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Smartphone Parking Bollards | The Future of Parking Solutions

Secure and control your parking spot instantly from your smartphone

Stay ahead of the game, and ensure your parking spot is free from any unwanted takers by using one of our smartphone operated parking bollards. We’ve innovated our simple parking bollard solution to best protect your parking spot.

Using bluetooth technology, simply operate your smartphone parking bollard from an app on your phone. The benefits of a smartphone controlled parking bollard is that it’s a contactless, touch-free, safe and secure parking solution to having exclusive access to your parking spot.

Our range includes our standard smartphone parking bollard, and also our premium model which has an auto-closing sensor. We also cater to those with larger vehicles, offering an extra large smartphone parking bollards readily available to start protecting your spot.

By simply tapping app from within 20 metres of your parking spot, you’re able to open and close your own parking bollard. If you upgrade to our smartphone parking bollard with auto-close sensor, your parking spot will be safely secured, as the auto-sensor will cause the parking bollard to rise up to secure your parking spot within 2 minutes of leaving.

Share your car parking spot with anyone you chose via the app, and control who has access to use it and when. You have the flexibility to set days and times that your authorized users can use your parking spot too - no remote control required! Larger corporations, or building managers would significantly benefit from having this control and security when it comes to their car parking.