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Quality is first and foremost with our products and we want to enhance your reputation as well as spread the love!

Angelique is President of Parking Australia and is highly-regarded in the industry.

We provide the highest quality service, our products are reliable and trustworthy and we have strong long-standing relationships with our customers and partners.

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Are you a building or facilities manager looking to solve your building’s parking problems? If you’ve got a larger site, you may want to buy in Bulk and save with our volume discounts.

We have several buildings who regularly have residents with these challenges, and they solve them in one go. They pre-approve our parking bollards to be installed for any resident, and the building will buy parking bollards in bulk which means they can use the volume discount. Then they have the bollards handy onsite, ready to install for any resident when they need them. And because they have bought in bulk, they get the bollards with the volume discounts, so it’s a win-win all round, and the Owners’ Corporation is pretty happy because the building saves money while also solving the parking problem!

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