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Remote Control Parking Bollards

Remote control bollards are the most convenient way to ensure your parking spot is available when you need it.

Below are some of our most popular parking bollards. These bollards are easily installed in your individual parking bay and stand guard to secure it from unauthorised usage. As the name suggests, these remote control bollards come supplied with a remote control fitted with a rechargeable battery. Operation is seamless and you never have to leave the comfort of your car to interact with your bollard. One click lowers or raises the parking bollard as needed for easy access.

If you need to share the parking spot with others, we further supply individual remotes for purchase that can be disseminated among your family, friends or guests as required. Easy!

Our remote control parking bollards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, being both durable and waterproof to last you many years to come.

Accessing your own private parking spot should never be an inconvenience, which is why private parking owners ranging from residents, to strata managers, to parking lot operators are increasingly seeing the value in installing parking bollards to manage their lots.

In addition, they are the go-to solution for anyone looking to monetise a parking space they don't intend to use for their own car. Are you the owner of a parking spot in a highly-trafficked area such as the CBD where parking is coveted? You could rent it out for some supplemental income! A remote control bollard is an easy way to secure it for third parties.

If you think a remote control parking bollard could solve your parking headache but would like some advice, please get in touch!

And if you need any help with your bollard installation , we do that too!