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How to make a bollard blend in


Bollards are used as a practical solution to improve safety in some environments and to control the traffic in others. However, let’s face it, sometimes they are a bit of an eyesore. And those bollards stand out like a sore thumb – and not in the attractive, appealing kind of way!  Here we’ll teach you…

How to Remove Bollards


In today’s help article, we’re going to show you how to remove bollards safely. W H Y do you need to know how to remove bollards? Bollards are frequently employed to regulate traffic in public areas, both for vehicles and for pedestrians. However they occaionally cause trouble or get in the way. Or other times…

The Top 10 Benefits of Smart Parking Bollards in Your Residential Building

smartphone parking bollards

Parking management is a common problem for strata managers and residents in residential buildings. Unauthorised parking, limited visitor spaces, and lack of control over who parks where can lead to frustration and even conflict! In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 benefits of smart parking bollards for your residential strata building….

Work with your Owners Corporation to Solve Parking Problems


Are you part of an Owners Corporation in a strata building and you receive calls from residents who can’t park? You know the calls – from tenants, staff or owners who are irate. Because someone has parked in their parking spot again? Or because someone is overstaying in visitor parking? You know the ones! Do…

Bollard Maintenance: Taking care of bollards

smartphone parking bollards

Bollards are an important safety feature, whether in parking lots or in pedestrian areas. They serve as a physical barrier, preventing collisions between buildings, pedestrians, and vehicles. However, in order for them to continue doing their job effectively, you need to make sure you properly maintain them. This blog post covers bollard maintenance and care…

How to Paint a Car Park: The Ultimate Guide

Line Marking in a Car Park If you are planning to paint lines in a car park, you should always opt for the highest quality paint. Asphalt is a good option which prevents paint for sticking to it. This article will guide you how to look at what are the best paint for car park….

Have We Worked Out How To Charge EVs in an Apartment Building?


If you’re lucky enough to own an electric car, you probably know that one of the challenges is finding a place to charge it. While there are public charging stations out there, it’s also possible and even necessary to charge your EV at home. This is because recharging an electric vehicle takes a lot longer…