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So how and where do you park a flying car?

A silver flying car with BMW engine

Well the answer is …. It depends! As we enter an era where smart cities and sustainable cities are more than just buzzwords, flying cars are just one of the innovative modes of transport mobility to consider. The pipe dreams from days of the Jetsons with flying cars are now our present reality.  So in…

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Disability Parking

woman with visible disability park in disability parking bay.

Disabled parking bays are vital for mobility for access for people with mobility challenges. The prevalence of able drivers either misunderstanding the rules and signage or thoughtlessly parking in those spots,  often hinders the effectiveness of disability bay parking.  For example, cross-hatched shared access bays next to designated accessible parking bays are intended for wheelchair…

How to Solve Parking Challenges and EV Adoption in Strata Buildings?

In the realm of strata buildings, where shared living presents a myriad of unique hurdles, parking challenges often emerges as a primary concern. During a recent podcast interview with Amanda Farmer on Your Strata Property, the spotlight was cast on the evolving landscape of parking issues intersecting with the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) within…

How I survived three teens x 120 learner driving hours!

A mother is supervising her daughter as a learner driver in NSW.

Learner Driving.. Ok so I survived! And I’m done! Yes you heard me! Done with learner driver hours … every single one of those 120 hours required to sit your test for a provisional licence in New South Wales. First hand, I’ve navigated three teens in very close succession through those learner driver hours. And…

Parking’s Impact on the Urban Parking Ecosystem

A line of cars affected by traffic peak hour.

Population in our cities is growing rapidly with the United Nations predicting that over 68.5% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. That’s just 27 years away! And with this the number of vehicles, traffic congestion and where these cars will park, has a significant impact on urban centres. To keep…

Preventing ICEing: Smart Parking Bollards as a Solution 

Remote Parking bollard installed in EV charging bay

Australia’s electric vehicle adoption rate has surged with sales of new EVs tripling in the first nine months of 2023. This accelerating adoption means increased demand for EV charging infrastructure. But with that come the challenges of ICEing – when Internal Combustion Engine (I.. C.. E) ie. petrol/ diesel vehicles, and even EVs now, park…

How to make a bollard blend in


Bollards are used as a practical solution to improve safety in some environments and to control the traffic in others. However, let’s face it, sometimes they are a bit of an eyesore. And those bollards stand out like a sore thumb – and not in the attractive, appealing kind of way!  Here we’ll teach you…

How to Remove Bollards


In today’s help article, we’re going to show you how to remove bollards safely. W H Y do you need to know how to remove bollards? Bollards are frequently employed to regulate traffic in public areas, both for vehicles and for pedestrians. However they occaionally cause trouble or get in the way. Or other times…

The Top 10 Benefits of Smart Parking Bollards in Your Residential Building

smartphone parking bollards

Parking management is a common problem for strata managers and residents in residential buildings. Unauthorised parking, limited visitor spaces, and lack of control over who parks where can lead to frustration and even conflict! In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 benefits of smart parking bollards for your residential strata building….