Work with your Owners Corporation to Solve Parking Problems


Are you part of an Owners Corporation in a strata building and you receive calls from residents who can’t park? You know the calls – from tenants, staff or owners who are irate. Because someone has parked in their parking spot again? Or because someone is overstaying in visitor parking? You know the ones! Do you find it challenging to work with your Owners Corporation to solve parking problems?


So you’re the building or facilities manager in a brand new building – or perhaps even a concierge. There is allocated parking in the basement, but for whatever reason, sometimes other drivers park in your resident’s parking spot. They get pretty angry because they are inconvenienced, and fair enough, especially if they are paying for a dedicated spot!

But the headache that happens when someone else parks in their parking spot! 

Not cool … and wastes so much time and causes stress.

So what are some of the ways you can work with your Owners Corporation to solve parking problems around your building?


Parking pain is frustrating!

It’s really frustrating and upsetting for residents – whether as owners or tenants – when someone else parks in your parking spot. But it’s a building issue – whether a residential apartment building. Or otherwise a commercial office space. And you need to work with the resources who manage and operate the building, to solve it.

To make this process a whole lot easier, we recommend that you engage collaboratively with your Owners Corporation or Body Corporate. You can do this directly through your Building Manager, Strata Manager or various Committee members. We understand this is tricky sometimes, especially where people’s tempers have gotten frayed and personalities are involved. We’ve worked across a broad range of strata buildings, so we know that each building has its own unique challenges (and personalities) and operates differently. 

For example, to install parking bollards in Melbourne may be a very different process from a installing parking bollards in Brisbane, where it’s a different type of strata plan. Frequently the allocation of visitor parking may be very different. Or your by-laws may differ as to whether you allow residents to use visitor parking bays, or not at all? Or whether you even have any visitor parking.

Parking pain is frustrating!

So we are happy to help you navigate this with your particular building circumstances. Having strata tools to to streamline this process is very beneficial. 

For example, we are happy to help with strata tools such as a template letter seeking parking bollard approval from your owners corporation or strata manager. To make it as smooth and stress-free as possible, and to get you the best outcome.

At thatsMYspot, we collaborate with you directly to listen the biggest parking challenges you face in your particular building. We then recommend a tailored solution for your particular building’s needs, and can package it up with installation services, and bulk volume discounts to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible for you.

How to engage with your Owners’ Corporations about parking

The strategy that many of our clients adopt is that we provide flyers to distribute in resident letterbox drops in their buildings. Or if they are electronically savvy, they may prefer to email the information to owners and tenants. Larger buildings will also generally put up a larger flyer or notice in the lobby or a common area giving residents instructions on how to order and organise installation of their parking bollards in Sydney

Often the Owners Corporation of a strata buildling will also nominate us as the preferred supplier for parking bollards for a building. Which then makes it so much easier for you. Then you just need to get in touch with us at thats MY spot, to install your parking bollards.

Parking bollards ensure visitor parking is allocated to visitors only

This is just one way buildings can solve parking issues for their residents and make it stress-free. By streamlining the approval process through to be far more efficient, it keeps your building community happier.  As a resident, it’s so much faster to obtain approval from your Owners Corporation to install your parking bollards in Sydney this way. It’s just done automatically with the use of our helpful strata tools to deliver superlative customer service.

Top tips to consider when approaching your Owners Corporation about parking

Because we understand how Owners Corporations operate, we can include a complete proposal pack. We have a comprehensive discussion with you to understand the particular needs you have for your building. 

These are the types of factors we typically consider at thats MY spot before making a recommendation:

  • How many apartments there are in total
  • How many have dedicated parking bays
  • How many visitor parking bays you have
  • whether the building is residential, commercial or mixed use
  • the mix between owner-occupied versus tenanted apartments
  • the age mix of the residents – are they tech savvy – would a smartphone app work for all of them?
  • budget versus convenience of automated solutions
  • entry and exit access
  • safety considerations
  • lighting and visibility of the parking lot
  • building standards – is it a high-end building with higher expectations about finishes?

We provide a full proposal and quote, including tailored pricing, insurance details and safe work practices.

We understand how important your parking is to you, and we go out of our way to deliver above and beyond with both product and customer service. Which is is why we are a preferred supplier to so many strata buildings nationally.

We would love to work with YOU to show you why we have such a stellar reputation. 

Just have a look at the testimonials from our customers across a range of verticals.

Happy to have a free initial consultation with you. 

Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to listen to your particular pain points and tailor something to your buildings’ specific requirements.