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How to Stop Illegal Parking on Private Property in New South Wales 

wheel clamp with parking sign

According to the New South Wales government, key responsibility of managing illegal parking lies with the landowners, managers, and occupiers of said property. It is advised that landowners take reasonable precautions and measures to deter illegal parking on private property. This can be done through various security measures, including clear and visible signage to inform…

Bollards – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Folding bollards to protect car parking spots

Bollards cover a wide range of uses in various environments. From parking bollards that solve common and persistent car park pain points, to steel bollards that cover asset protection and improve safety, each type offers an efficient service. A bollard shop will host a wide range of security solutions, ranging from parking bollards to removable…

Disability Parking and Permits in Victoria 

disability parking bays

We have seen a rise in a particular kind of client for our durable parking bollards – those who require access to disability parking bays. People who carry a disability permit require select bays as they are closer to exits and entrances, have higher visibility surrounding them, and are made to be wider to cater…