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5 future trends for our cities that COVID has taught us

Our behaviours in cities have changed. That’s a no brainer. Propelling us to improve urban planning… To accommodate the necessary physical and social distancing changes. These are 5 of the clear future trends for our cities that COVID has taught us, and we adapted in 2020. 1. We CYCLE AND WALK MORE… so local governments…

Popular Car Colours – car colour holiday fun! πŸŽοΈπŸ’¨


Let’s brighten up your day with some CAR COLOUR FUN! Do you love cars in bright colours … just like a rainbow? Red, yellow, green, pink, blue or even PURPLE! Or do you prefer more traditional colours for a car? How do you select a colour for your car? Do you look for a colour…

Why I started

Angelique Mentis thatsmyspot

I had 3 three young kids… I was a busy professional… With a crazy daily work schedule… The least I could have gotten was being able to park in my spot when I needed to. Is that too much to ask? But no! Some selfish soul decides to deny me this little request. I was…

What’s your biggest bug-bear YOU face when it comes to parking?

What's your biggest pain point in parking?

So this week I thought I would ask you What is the biggest bug-bear YOU face when it comes to parking. Is it … When someone steals your parking spot? When someone parks in your designated parking spot in your apartment or office building? When residents in the strata building you manage park endlessly in…

Self-Driving vehicles and Food Trucks; technology to feed our hungry πŸ’‘πŸšš πŸ”

Smart Linden autonomous food truck

Introducing the Self-Driving Food Truck. We love vehicle self-driving vehicle technology that can support our homeless and feed our hungry. Since early 2020, each and every one of us has experienced the dire impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The economic effects of millions of job losses, businesses closing, crippling unemployment rates, soaring homelessness, and poverty…

What does working from home mean for your parking?


Is working from home the new future of Australia’s corporate workforce culture? Even on a part-time basis? To date, it seems as though Australians have adapted and embraced it well. When companies like Atlassian announce that they will no longer require their employees to return to the office for work even after the pandemic ends,…

Faster horses? Innovation in the auto industry

autonomous vehicles self-drivig vehciles

785 words. Approx 4-5 min read β€œIf I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This quote, attributed to Henry T Ford, illustrates just how far innovation in the automotive industry has come. The last decade has seen massive technological transformation in the auto industry. Most recently with electric vehicles,…

How we can more sustainably share parking

Sustainable parking

The long-term impacts of coronavirus on our cities are difficult to predict but history teaches us that adversity has been hugely influential in shaping our cities. Our cities will inevitably endure, adapt, and grow. However, it is our critical thinking and the subsequent action steps that we take to accommodate pandemic type fears, that will impact…

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