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Parking Bollards for Every Problem: Do Any of These “Bad Parkers” Sound Familiar To You?

Bad parkers

We frequently get asked this question. What are the different types of bollards available and in what situation would you choose them? There are as many different types of parking bollards as there are parking problems. To illustrate this, we’ve placed the different types of bollards into some of the various “bad parker” scenarios they…

When something is important enough to do, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor … Elon Musk


12 years ago… When I created thatsMYspot.com.au… It was to solve an underlying problem I experienced. Although the odds were not in our favor (as no one else had come up with a simple solution to parking problems)… It was important for me to find a solution. Here’s why: My time is valuable, and so is…