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5 simple tips to “happify”​ your customers’​ parking experience 😁 😁 😁

Happify your parking experience

Thought of the day for my fellow parking industry gurus… What have you done to make a difference to happify your customers’ parking experience…? Hope we’ve been able to add a πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ to your day. Article takes 3-4 minutes to read, approx 760 words On average, drivers will waste 17 hours a year looking for…

Re-thinking off-street parking in Australia to make it more affordable.

thatsmyspot parking solutions

Parkopedia recently released their 2019 Global Parking Index Report, and their findings for off-street parking in Australia are well … rather expensive! Source 1.Β Β Β Australia is the most expensive country in the world for daily off-street parkingΒ with the average Australian daily cost of off-street parking in 2019 (in car-parks that are both privately and publicly owned) at…

The importance of parking accessibility to the success of your restaurant

Restaurant Parking Success

Ease, accessibility and convenience of car parking matter a lot to Australian businesses. Let’s take the restaurant industry as an example as we rush full-on into the holiday season. Choosing a location for a restaurant is one of the key factors to profitability. Alongside memorable food and service, parking and accessibility can be crucial to a restaurant’s success. Buzztime…

Delivering a quality parking experience

Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten – Sir Frederick Henry Royce, co-founder of the Rolls-Royce company

Technology vs People. It’s people that truly matter…

With technology commanding a plethora of interactions across our lives, sadly personalized communication with customers is rapidly disappearing. Technology is wonderful but it’s people that matter most. “Customer experience” is a buzz phrase constantly bandied about within countless organizations – with hours of endless training and company meetings in this area. But in reality, how…

Safety Metrics Guidelines in your organisation.

Increasingly, more and more organizations are asking team leaders to provide data on workplace efficiencies and how to make better-informed decisions. Safety Metrics and Leading Indicators such as measuring lost time, incident and severity rate are not adequate measures of safety. These data points just give us information on the number of people who were injured…

How much is a City Car Parking Spot in Hong Kong, New York, Sydney or London worth …?

As the online world brings everything to our fingertips, and urbanization attracts millions more people into major cities globally, one of the downfalls is that massive traffic congestion increases. Parking spots are now at such a premium they are considered to be an excellent investment. The United Kingdom’s Land Registry Office has released data listing…

Company safety and communication programs: a priority

thatsmyspot safety metrics blog

Factory floor. ?fabrikayolcizgisi.com

A Message From Our Founder – Angelique


Hi, I am Angelique, founder and owner of thatsmyspot.com.au . In 2009 when I started this company, my goal was to find an efficient way to deal with the annoyance and frustration of pesky parkers who parked in MY parking spot. As a busy professional and mother of three, I needed my parking space to…

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