Parking Bollards Melbourne

I started back in 2009 as a result of my personal experience with aggravating people parking in my designated parking spot! With the price and scarcity of parking spaces in metro Melbourne, I had to do something about it! So from our first day of operations, has been delivering and installing parking bollards in Melbourne and throughout Victoria!  We courier all over Australia and deliver directly to your door, especially to Melbourne and throughout Victoria!  We have installers on the ground in metro Melbourne and can also guide you through self-installation.  If you need parking protection and parking solutions in Melbourne or Victoria, just order parking-bollards online or give us a call for delivery to metro Melbourne or throughout Victoria, and we’ll deliver by courier directly to your door! See DELIVERY CALCULATOR for our delivery charges to Melbourne and Victoria. We have a full range of installation services in Melbourne for volume orders and can also guide you to local installers in your area.