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Gerald JamesGerald James
07:17 21 May 24
I've experienced a lot of parking stress because some of tenants always park on my parking spot. Now , I can go whenever I want because of this parking bollard. Such a huge help to eliminate my parking problems.- Radz B.NSW Apartments
adhitya sanusiadhitya sanusi
04:31 16 Apr 24
The rate should be 10 out of 5 stars.The customer service and the communications from Angelique are amazing. She even attended to my emails on Friday night just to try to solve my problem. That's the definition of excellent and superb customer skill which is very rare nowadays !I highly recommend That's My Spot if you would like to install a bollard on your parking spot. Now I have a peace-of-mind to go on road-trip for several days without thinking that someone would park illegally on my car spot.
Juan Mejia-UribeJuan Mejia-Uribe
06:11 19 Jan 24
Impressed with the efficient and responsive team at That's My Spot! Their extensive selection of parking bollards caters to diverse preferences, offering hassle-free operation through smartphone connectivity, remote control, or manual locks. A standout recommendation for anyone seeking reliable and user-friendly parking solutions.
03:46 19 Jan 24
That's My Spot offers a variety of parking bollards, especially Bluetooth and smartphone-enabled options. The bollards are easy to install, and the supportive team makes them highly recommended!!!
04:56 15 Jan 24
Impressive range of parking solutions! I got bollards for my community project, and they not only enhance security but also look sleek. The website made the ordering process smooth.
Ivan LoIvan Lo
06:47 04 Jan 24
I've been using their remote controlled bollard for just over a year now. I live in a unit and my car space is located in an open area so it used to get occupied by other people quite often. The bollard fixed this problem. Although It got bumped into and ran over a couple of times, but it's never had any major issues and is still functioning. In my opinion, it is worth the price. I had a minor mechanical issue with it once but Angelique was able to help me resolve it over the phone, which saved me from repairing or buying a new one. Excellent customer service from the team.
Rachel MillerRachel Miller
05:50 25 Oct 23
I am so happy I found That's My Spot! The advice and service provided by Angelique was exceptional. She helped me to choose the right bollards for the issues I was trying to fix. The service she provided every step of the way was exceptional. I purchased one bollard to begin with as I wasn't sure it would be successful but I came back for another for the second driveway as it's the perfect solution to stop all the food delivery drivers from PARKING ON MY PROPERTY, something not even the Police could help me with! The bollards themselves are very sturdy. I've had my daughter's "P" plater friends run over them a couple of times and not even a dent! I just this week recharged the battery on the first one after using it for 6 months. I haven't tried to use the APP with the bollards as yet but will give it a go when I get time off and visitors at Christmas. I'm sure it's easy to use and works well given the quality of the bollards itself. The installers are very friendly and efficient as well. I'd recommend That's My Spot to anyone who needs this type of solution - excellent products and a very well run business!
Ginger HGinger H
13:07 21 Sep 23
I am happy with my bollards.Whole experience was fantastic.Angelique provided excellant service and a great support. Many thanks
Jennifer WilliamsJennifer Williams
03:27 12 Sep 23
D GouldD Gould
05:21 31 Aug 23
We have had five of the that'sMYspot remote parking bollards in the undercover car park of our business for ten years now and I am only just starting to replace the batteries after all that time. The bollards are tough enough to withstand most things that are thrown at them (and drove over them!). Highly recommend them for the quality, the convenience of knowing your park will always be available and support is quick and thorough.
19:57 17 Aug 23
Highly Recommend That's My Spot!!The website was user-friendly.I had two Manual Fold-Down Parking Bollards - Key Lock installed in my apartment carspace.They are very simple to use, effective and can be keyed alike.The bollards are relatively easy to install although I did have difficulties finding a tradesman to do this for me.That's where Angelique Mentis came to my rescue.I had an issue with my delivery whereby only one bollard was delivered. I didn't realise the other bollard I ordered was missing until some weeks later, having stored the unopened box in my storeroom until I could find a tradesman for the install.I initially contacted That's My Spot via email at 6.07pm one night in a panic. Surprisingly, I received an email response almost immediately.I explained my story as best I could via email exchange. I was unable to provide all the purchase details but Angelique believed my explanation.Without any hassles whatsoever, at 10.35pm, Angelique agreed to ship a replacement bollard to me the following day, which she did. I received all the new shipping information as promised. The bollard was delivered quickly.Further, Angelique then took the time to draft an add for me to use on Airtasker to locate a tradesman to install the missing bollard. By this time it was 11.01pm. I was gobsmacked! What wonderful customer service!!Angelique is a real gem - and it was an absolute pleasure to deal with her. Thank you Angelique; I really appreciated what you did for me that night. And I still remember your generosity all these months on.It was also very refreshing to deal with such a professional company. I do not hesitate to recommend That's My Spot.
Igor FerdmanIgor Ferdman
11:15 30 Jun 23
Angelique provided exceptional service and a great follow-up support, nothing was a problem, everything was organised professionally. It was a real pleasure dealing with Angelique.
Mark HaddadMark Haddad
08:25 24 Apr 23
I just wanted to thank Angelique and Brandon for the great service they supplied our building. We ordered the bollards and they were delivered and installed by Brandon. The fact we can remotely access them all is great and now allows us to be sure no stray parkers can invade our building. Once again great work and thank you
george butlergeorge butler
22:25 05 Apr 23
Excellant service.Angelique is always a pleasure to deal with and prompt to respond.



Founded by the PResident of

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Our range comprises manual, remote control and smartphone operated parking bollards, which are also referred to as parking locks, parking barriers, and even fold down parking posts.

Protect and monitor your parking spot whether at home, work, in residential strata apartment buildings, commercial or industrial office or business environments. At thatsMYspot, our goal is to deliver the best parking solution for your unique needs, and most importantly, that meets your price point. We are driven by making our customers’ lives as easy, and seamless as possible. And for us, that starts by protecting your parking spot.

We have built a company which values quality, convenience, longevity and genuine customer care at its core. From these values, our team has rigorously tested our products in all climatic conditions, and spent years understanding the variety of parking challenges our community and clients face every single day. We’re extremely proud to offer you tailor-made, professional, and competitively priced parking solutions.

Whether you’re a busy professional, social butterfly, or running around with kids and family, making sure your carpark is available for you shouldn’t be something you have to worry about daily. At thatsMYspot, we offer innovative parking solutions to protect your parking spot, giving you back the freedom to fly in and out the door with ease.

Our smart parking solutions include a range of parking bollards and parking locks that are of exceptional high quality, delivered with personalised customer service that you just won’t get anywhere else. Protect your parking spot by investing in manual, remote control or smartphone operated parking bollards and parking locks from thatsMYspot.

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