parking bollards in commercial mixed use retail Sydney
Manual and automated parking bollards to protect parking bays for a retail tenant in a mixed use centre

We recently installed these manual and automated parking-bollards in a commercial mixed use application. The site included a retail shopping precinct and residential strata apartments. But retail tenants had designated parking bays for each of their tenancies included in their leases. And they paid a premium for these bays. The problem was, shoppers would see them available and unprotected, and park in them. Read more below how by installing parking bollards in commercial mixed use sites helps tenants run their businesses more efficiently.

The Problem: 

A Sydney cafe owner rented six parking spaces with their commercial retail tenancy in a retail shopping centre. However, shoppers frequently occupied these spaces, despite signage indicating they were for ‘RETAIL’ use. This presented a challenge as the cafe owner needed these spots for their staff and delivery vans. And they paid a premium for accessible parking on their lease.

The shop owner needed to protect their parking (especially considering how much they pay for this on their lease). They needed their parking bays to be available for their delivery vans and staff to use with speed and ease.

The Solution: 

The cafe owner approached us to address this issue, and we swiftly resolved it by installing our reliable bollards.

For parking bays used by employees during longer shifts, we installed manual car park bollards. For those designated for delivery vans needing quick access, we opted for manual car park bollards.

We installed the parking bollard installations for the customer in the morning. And by lunchtime the owner was just ecstatic and couldn’t thank us enough. Relieved from her parking woes, the cafe owner was able to focus on her business.

By deploying parking bollards in commercial mixed-use sites like this retail shopping center, we effectively resolved a major issue. And we ensured that the retail tenant always had their dedicated parking bays at their disposal.

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