Avoid the Holiday Parking Nightmare!


We all love our holidays! Hopping in the car, heading away – the open road. Or whether you’re flying with the kids to somewhere fun like the Gold Coast. We just want our holidays and holiday parking to be easy! 

But let’s face it – so does the rest of Australia! And boy does it get busy – especially around the tourist hotspots, like the Gold Coast.

To make your holiday as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, you need to have your holiday rental parking available. Especially when it’s somewhere like a busy holiday apartment building on the Gold Coast. 

Building managers, facilities managers and caretakers need to manage all the parking. It’s often stressful and wastes a lot of time trying to sort out who’s parked in the wrong spot. Or even to just make sure someone has parking.

The Circle on Cavill holiday apartment towers house 644 apartments

So this is exactly the pain point we are able to solve for the building managers at Circle on Cavill on the Gold Coast. 

Circle on Cavill is one of the Gold Coast’s iconic and most well-know high-rise holiday apartment buildings. It comprises two residential towers across a massive 1.4 hectares. There are a total of 644 apartments between the South Tower (48 levels, 279 units) and the North Tower (which has 68 levels and over 365 apartments). And to service this building, there are just 412 parking spaces.

While some apartments are owner-occupied, over the holiday season the vast majority are rented out to holiday-makers. And they need parking. But parking is already at a premium with just 412 parking spaces to service the 644 apartments. So as you can imagine, juggling the parking for visitors, is a pretty full-on task. The building manager needs to put signs up or chase unauthorised parkers. It’s particularly stressful to manage, especially when people are only temporarily there.


How thatsMYspot solves the holiday rental parking problem

For the last several years, the facilities managers at the Circle on Cavill on the Gold Coast have relied on our parking bollards to solve the holiday maker parking problem for them. The building has pre-approved our parking bollards for all owners, and purchases bollards for their residents in bulk. Installation is arranged for the owners. It’s a smooth and seamless process, making it as easy as possible for both owners and the building manager.

Remote Control Parking Bollard TMS-APL2

The committee at Circle on Cavill has opted for our remote control parking bollards. This makes it easy for temporary visitors to come and go, just by using a remote control. This way the building manager, or owner can give a remote control to the holiday makers, to make sure their parking bay is reserved for them. And making it easy for them to lower the parking bollard when they need to park. They use the remote control to raise it up when they leave so the parking bay is secured for them for when they come back. Generally this building has opted for our ever-popular TMS-APL2. They also allow the use of our smartphone parking bollards. By pre-approving our bollards, the building retains uniformity in the appearance of the parking area.

Simple and secure! Solving a pain point for holiday rental parking on the Gold Coast with ease.

At the outset, we consulted with the building to find out their typical needs, and advised on the best products to suit. We also organization installation of the parking bollards in batches so they are done at the same time to make it efficient. And our solutions are in demand from other holiday destination buildings on the Gold Coast – such as the Mantra Sun City.

Mantra Sun City Holiday Resort

We love happy holiday-makers!

The building manager and the owners are absolutely delighted with the results. We have solved their holiday apartment chaos in these landmark holiday rental apartments on the Gold Coast. Making their lives so much easier and stress-free, and holiday rental parking in their building is no longer the problem it used to be.

This means more time for the building manager to perform the rest of her busy job, especially over the holiday period.

Elated we can help make holidays more relaxing and fun by solving the parking problem in holiday rental buildings.

Do you have a holiday rental in an apartment building that has the same ongoing battles around parking in peak holiday times, especially in places like the Gold Coast?

Let us assist! Check out our parking bollard shop or contact us to solve it for you!