Monthly Archives: May 2021

Off-street parking solutions – how the latest technology is improving the way we park


Is traditional on-street parking on the way out? Since COVID, in early 2020, cities across the world vastly reduced on-street parking to allow for improved social distancing. So has this started the beginning of a global shift away from on-street parking? MIT Professor, Eran Ben-Joseph estimates there are 800 million surface parking spaces in the…

Obtaining Owners Corporation approval to install parking bollards in your building


As a building or strata manager, are you sick and tired of handling the complaints from residents in a commercial or residential property about people constantly parking in their spots. Is it something that you’re asked to solve on a regular basis? Does it come up each and every year on the agenda for the…

How to Install a Parking Bollard


YAY! You’re excited now you’ve found a solution to stop other people parking in your parking spot! A parking bollard from thatsmyspot to protect your parking space. And now, how to install it? Easy as! 😀😀😀 Like taking the stress out of your parking pain, we make it simple to install as well. All our…