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Connected Mobility 102 … Features of a Connected Vehicle


Moving on from last week… exploring some of the smart features incorporated in a connected vehicle. Such as: Voice assistants built into dashboards, seamlessly connecting to home & work. Real-time information – for traffic, parking, EV charging locations & availability. Payment gateways – for enhanced UX for parking, EV charging, shopping, mobile wallet apps. Smartphone…

Connected Mobility 101: What is it and what does it mean?


Connected Mobility is the term used to describe the ability of various modes of transport to be integrally connected to a seamless platform… So that these disparate systems can communicate with each other, sharing data, and improving the efficiency and user experience of an entire transport mobility network. Think Smart Transport. What’s more … It…

NSW Disabled Parking Permits


In NSW, to obtain a disability parking permit, you need to apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme permit with Services NSW. This also entitles you to be issued with an Australian Disability Parking Permit, so you can travel between states, for no extra cost. Eligibility To be eligible for a Mobility Parking permit, a person…