Do Parking Bollards Improve Safety at Childcare Centres?

Safety at childcare centres

There is an important question surrounding parking bollards for childcare centres and how they manage safety. So here we look into whether parking bollards improve safety at childcare centres?

Have you ever sat through the ‘school run’? If so, you’ll know all about the stress that comes with it. Parents and staff vie for the same parking spots allocated to the childcare centre. All of which occur in that same one-hour time frame. Not to mention the passing commuters adding to the queue as they try to navigate around the same back roads for work. A hazard to childcare safety in these centres.

child scootering across a pedestrian crossing

Whether parents drive, walk or take public transport, they all find themselves in the heart of stress and traffic. If you’re walking, then you’ll face harrowing pedestrian crossings. Impatient and stressed drivers take dangerous risks to try and skip the line.

Those in personal vehicles or on public transport end up in the same backed-up queue. A true recipe for disaster. I personally understand this pain point vividly. As a busy mother and business owner, I experienced this time and time again. Trying to drop my own children to and from daycare, while someone popping into the shops nearby takes the school allocated parking. It’s no fun. 

It’s no wonder we have so many childcare centres calling us to help them solve this problem for their parents and children. Hoping to make their parking stress-free and seamless, using our clever automated parking bollards. There is only one question to ask.

Do bollards protect children?

signage reserving parking bays for staff at schools

The answer is yes. If you install parking bollards for childcare centres, then you can delineate car and pedestrian zones more clearly. By installing parking bollards you also clearly designate for specific parking bays for use by specific drivers only. Why is that so important? Simply put, it helps maintain order in busy locations. You have done the dreaded school run, so you’ll know firsthand that childcare centres fit that description. Carpark bollards delineate clear lines between vehicle traffic and pedestrian walkways. Using parking bollards means you can ensure that parking spots reserved for parents dropping off children and not the general public. After all, people who block parking zones with illegally parked cars make the regular stress that much worse.

Do parking bollards help staff parking?

And It’s not just parents who are forced into these harrowing and stressful situations. Teachers and staff need those spots too. If you’re lucky enough to have on-site parking for teachers and staff, you need to make sure those staff members can actually use those parking spots. Not by non-school drivers who want the convenience of these parking spots. Unfortunately it happens all too often. Luckily, we’ve seen these issues seamlessly avoided by the installation of our parking bollards. So it’s clear that parking bollards improve safety at childcare centres.

Where have our car park bollards helped child safety?

Coogee Childcare Centre is an example of how useful our car park bollards are. Our bollards serve a variety of purposes. In this situation, we were able to reduce the likelihood of car and pedestrian accidents by installing parking bollards. We were able to clarify where parking is or isn’t allowed, and created perimeter safety at points of exit and entry. Most importantly of all, our trusted parking bollards work to protect children, pedestrians, vehicles, and all members working or visiting the centre. It’s an easy and effective parking solution and has allowed for better management of school parking.  

We have fixed or collapsible bollards to clearly signal between vehicle zones and pedestrian zones, enhancing safety at schools and daycare centres. Coogee used our remote-control parking bollard APL2 to solve their parking woes. With our remote control parking bollard, you control it with a remote control from up to 100 meters away. These parking bollards are battery powered, so have a long term life span, lasting 9-12 months. After that, it’s as simple as an overnight re-charge to be good for another 9-12 months. Being waterproof and perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the APL2 was the perfect addition to Coogee’s parking bays.


However, its versatility allows it to be perfect for a wide range of industries such as commercial offices, apartment buildings, medical centres, visitor parking, hospitals, industrial sites, and more. We’re also proud to say it is the only ISO 9001 compliant remote-control folding bollard sold in Australia. 

Seeing our APL2 bollard hard at work at Coogee is a success story we want to see more of. Our parking bollards result in fabulous outcomes. We’re able to ensure that bays are reserved for the correct drivers. Whether they be parents, teachers, or other staff who work at the school. 

Does your childcare centre share these parking problems? Our car park bollards may be just what you need to solve these pain points for you.