The Best Parking Solutions for Commercial Mixed-Use Developments

automated parking bollards installed in Goodman Properties

Mixed-use developments are gaining popularity, offering a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces within close proximity. These urban spaces foster community interaction, reduce the need for car travel, and promote a walkable lifestyle. However, managing parking in these developments can be tricky. Ensuring that each use has adequate parking without wasting valuable space presents a challenge.

In this article, we’ll explore the best strategies for managing parking in mixed-use developments, using smart solutions like bollards and modern technology to optimise space and convenience.

Case Study: Parking Solutions for Goodman Property Group at The Rosebery Engine Yards

Goodman Group’s new mixed use commercial precinct at The Rosebery Engine Yards in Sydney faced a unique challenge with parking allocation in their  brand new mixed-use commercial precinct. By day, the premises caters to office residents, many of whom are in co-working spaces. However at night, it transforms into a vibrant hub of restaurants venues. This dual-purpose demands a flexible parking solution that can efficiently and flexibly accommodate the different needs of occupants and visitors. The property features a total of 70 parking bays, with 40 indoor bays and 30 outdoor bays. 

Goodman approached ThatsMySpot to provide a reliable and user-friendly solution to manage and protect visitor parking spaces effectively. After a detailed assessment of the parking area and the specific needs of the complex, ThatsMySpot installed automatic parking bollards across all parking spots to ensure efficient and fair usage of spaces. 

By implementing thatsMyspot’s bespoke parking solution, Goodman was able to:

  • Increase operational efficiency: The facilities manager can quickly and easily switch use allocation according to time zones
  • User satisfaction: Commercial office tenants and visitors now have certainty around their parking bay availability during their designated time windows
  • Convenience: Automated bollards provide quick and easy access for commercial tenants during the business day.

Understanding Parking Challenges in Mixed-Use Developments

Parking Solutions in Commercial mixed use Sites in Australia.

Balancing the needs of different users is crucial for parking in mixed-use developments. Residents need long-term parking, while visitors to shops, restaurants, and offices require designated parking during the business day. Without proper management, you can face challenges and inefficiencies in parking allocation.

Residential parking demands 24/7 availability, while commercial parking peaks during business hours and declines in the evenings and on weekends. Without a strategic approach, you might end up with wasted space or frustrated users. This is where effective planning and smart tools, such as smart parking bollards and parking management systems, come into play.

Shared Parking Solutions

One effective strategy is to share parking based on the type of use and time of day. Different users can use the same parking spaces but at different times. For instance, office workers primarily need parking during the business day. Hospitality and entertainment venues need parking in the evenings and on weekends for patrons. By sharing spaces, you can reduce the number of parking spots needed and turn them over more efficiently. This saves on construction costs and promotes sustainability.

Implementing shared parking requires careful planning and clear communication. Use signage and smart parking bollards to manage the flow and ensure that parking spots are used efficiently. Program smart parking bollards to control access to certain areas at specific times, optimising the availability of parking spaces.

Designated Residential Parking

While shared parking works well for many scenarios, you often need separate residential parking to ensure residents always have access to their spaces. Designate specific areas for residential use only and use parking bollards to control access.

Parking bollards prevent unauthorised use and ensure residents have a reliable place to park. Integrate these bollards into a larger smart parking system, allowing residents to reserve spaces and manage their parking needs more effectively.

Unbundled Parking

Unbundled parking separates the cost of parking from the cost of renting or buying a residential unit. This strategy works particularly well in urban environments where not all residents need a parking spot. By giving residents the option to rent a parking space separately, you can reduce the number of required parking spots and promote more efficient use of space, supporting sustainable apartment living.

Parking Solutions in Commercial mixed use Sites using Automatic Parking bollards.

Parking bollards are essential for the efficient and safe use of these unbundled parking spaces. Clearly mark and protect the designated parking areas with bollards, keeping unauthorised vehicles out and ensuring that only those who have rented a space can use it. This boosts security and keeps the parking area organised, aligning with your goal of promoting sustainable urban living.

Leveraging Smart Parking Bollards

Automatic parking bollards play a crucial role in modern parking strategies. Program these bollards to control access to specific parking areas, manage traffic flow, and ensure that spaces are used efficiently. Lower a smart parking bollard to allow access during peak hours for commercial use and raise it to reserve spaces for residents overnight.

Using smart parking bollards helps you manage mixed-use parking more flexibly. Integrate them into a broader parking management system, providing real-time data on parking availability and usage patterns. Use this data to make informed decisions about parking allocation and optimise your overall parking strategy.

Flexible Leasing and Subleasing of Parking Spaces

Enhance the efficiency of mixed-use parking with flexible leasing of parking spaces. Allow residents and businesses to sublease their parking spots during times they do not need them to maximise the use of available spaces. For example, a resident who does not need their spot during the day could lease it to a nearby office worker.

This approach not only maximises the use of parking spaces but also provides an additional revenue stream for residents and businesses. Use smart parking bollards with an app to physically protect the parking space from unauthorised use, making the process efficient, seamless, and easy to use.

Optimising efficient parking management

Effective parking management in mixed-use developments is crucial for optimising space and meeting the diverse needs of residents, visitors, and businesses.With the tools above, including parking bollard systems, , you can create efficient and user-friendly parking solutions to ensuring that every parking spot is used effectively.

Remember, the goal is to balance the needs of all users while making the most of available space. With the right approach and tools, you can create a parking system that supports the vibrant, dynamic nature of mixed-use developments.

For more information on implementing effective parking strategies and the benefits of smart parking bollards, visit That’s My Spot and start optimising your mixed-use development today.