How to Install a Parking Bollard

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YAY! You’re excited now you’ve found a solution to stop other people parking in your parking spot! A parking bollard from thatsmyspot to protect your parking space.

And now, how to install it?

Easy as! 😀😀😀

Like taking the stress out of your parking pain, we make it simple to install as well.

All our parking bollards are surface-mounted. For a couple of reasons. Firstly to make it easy for you, or any handyman to install. And secondly, and very importantly for multi-story buildings, to ensure that the bollards are compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Something that most strata and commercial building managers ALWAYS ask about.


All our parking protectors are supplied with fixings suitable for concrete. Our parking bollards all have pre-drilled holes in the base plate. Depending on which model you choose, its either 3, 4 or 6 holes per bollard. All you need to do is place the bollard on the ground where you want to install it, mark out the pre-drilled holes with a chalk or marker on the ground. Then grab the drill and drill a hole 50 mm deep.

Underground car park with parking bollard

Depending on which model you have chosen, we supply either M10 hex top ankascrews which are self-threading, or M8 expansion bolts. On a level concrete floor drill the holes 50 mm deep to suit the fixings provided for your parking space protector according to the base plate layout. And fit the parking barrier to the ground with the fixings supplied!

All our parking bollards can also be installed easily into bitumen, and you don’t need to lay a concrete pad down either. As each bitumen location is different, you will need to drill down into the bitumen first, and see what’s underneath. Usually it’s compacted road base, and depending how deep it goes, we’ll guide you through the best options to fix into your surface.  Just give us a call or contact us for more detailed instructions.


Simple and stress-free parking solutions!

Would you like us to install your parking bollards for you?

Or if you’ve got a bulk order and would like us to help out with installing your parking bollards for you, we definitely do that for you as well. Reach out to us with an installation quote request and we’ll be back to you to protect your parking spot from unauthorized use as soon as possible!

Where exactly in the parking space should my parking space protector be installed?

Assuming it’s a regular parking bay with easy entry and exit, we recommend our parking bollards be installed about one-third of the way INTO the parking space. This generally is about 1000-1200 mm from the open end of the parking spot, and most typically we would install our parking locks in the middle of the parking bay. Occasionally people want them installed in slightly different locations, but if you’re not sure, again just contact us and we can advise you on where the best spot in your parking area is for you to install your parking bollards given you requirements.

Take the stress out of your parking pain points with our fabulous parking bollards!

heavy duty manual parking bollard with padlock
Manual folding parking bollards TMS-MPL1 and TMS-MPL2 installed indoors in visitor parking bays

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