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New Vehicle Towing laws for Queensland Strata buildings

towing an illegally parked car in Queensland

Queensland has recently adopted new vehicle towing laws for Queensland strata, clarifying the contentious issue of towing illegally parked cars from common property. Amendments to Queensland’s Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (TOA), and strata regulations clarify towing rules, outlining when and how vehicles can be towed from strata property. In this article, we…

So how and where do you park a flying car?

A silver flying car with BMW engine

Well the answer is …. It depends! As we enter an era where smart cities and sustainable cities are more than just buzzwords, flying cars are just one of the innovative modes of transport mobility to consider. The pipe dreams from days of the Jetsons with flying cars are now our present reality.  So in…

How to Solve Parking Challenges and EV Adoption in Strata Buildings?

In the realm of strata buildings, where shared living presents a myriad of unique hurdles, parking challenges often emerges as a primary concern. During a recent podcast interview with Amanda Farmer on Your Strata Property, the spotlight was cast on the evolving landscape of parking issues intersecting with the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) within…

Parking’s Impact on the Urban Parking Ecosystem

A line of cars affected by traffic peak hour.

Population in our cities is growing rapidly with the United Nations predicting that over 68.5% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. That’s just 27 years away! And with this the number of vehicles, traffic congestion and where these cars will park, has a significant impact on urban centres. To keep…

Why Parking Bollards Make Life Easier?

Remote control parking bollard

Parking challenges are no joke. Whether it’s sneaky spot stealers in residential zones or juggling for space in bustling commercial districts, parking can drive anyone nuts. But there’s hope! In this blog let’s tackle how parking bollards makes our life easier. Effortless Residential Visits Visiting friends in crowded neighbourhoods is a breeze with the parking…

Preventing ICEing: Smart Parking Bollards as a Solution 

Remote Parking bollard installed in EV charging bay

Australia’s electric vehicle adoption rate has surged with sales of new EVs tripling in the first nine months of 2023. This accelerating adoption means increased demand for EV charging infrastructure. But with that come the challenges of ICEing – when Internal Combustion Engine (I.. C.. E) ie. petrol/ diesel vehicles, and even EVs now, park…

The Top 10 Coolest Car Parks in the world

two cars beside the earth with famous tourist attraction in the world.

Dull, grey, and unexciting … Blah! Car parks generally don’t have a very reputation for being cool, creative or having inspiring design. But we’ve scoured the globe to bring you the top 10 most creative and interesting car parks. And with this, we’ll change your perception of these usually overlooked spaces. From multi-level structures to…

The Top 10 Benefits of Smart Parking Bollards in Your Residential Building

smartphone parking bollards

Parking management is a common problem for strata managers and residents in residential buildings. Unauthorised parking, limited visitor spaces, and lack of control over who parks where can lead to frustration and even conflict! In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 benefits of smart parking bollards for your residential strata building….

Work with your Owners Corporation to Solve Parking Problems


Are you part of an Owners Corporation in a strata building and you receive calls from residents who can’t park? You know the calls – from tenants, staff or owners who are irate. Because someone has parked in their parking spot again? Or because someone is overstaying in visitor parking? You know the ones! Do…

How to Effectively Manage Multi-tenanted Parking Allocation


What is Multi-Tenanted Parking? Multi-tenanted parking is when multiple tenants, either commercial business or residential apartment owners, share the same parking facilities. Commercial How it works In a commercial setting, each tenant is assigned a certain number of parking spots and they are responsible for managing their own employees or customers’ vehicles and who is…