Cheap Parking Bollards vs High Quality Parking Bollards?

Parking bollards are essential assets in any parking facility, providing security, organisation, and guidance to drivers. While it’s easy to fall in the mindset that cheap bollards are best, it’s definitely not the solution for durability and longevity. While budget-friendly bollards might save you some cash upfront, when it comes to car park security, cheap is not always best. In this blog we guide you through what to look for when choosing the best parking bollards. And why  quality counts for more than price when it comes to cheap bollards in the long run.

Durability: The Backbone of Reliable Parking Bollards

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While some bollards and parking bollards are cheap, what are you sacrificing when it comes to their durability. Durability is crucial for ensuring that  bollards used for parking security can withstand the wear and tear, harsh weather, and potential vehicle impact. After all that’s the point of putting them there. While cheap bollards may seem like a bargain up front, they often lack the robust construction you need to endure the rigours of a parking environment. We constantly have calls from customers saying “we bought cheap parking bollards online. But they  haven’t lasted and we need something stronger and  longer lasting”.

When you assess your options for parking bollards, you should pay close attention to the materials used in their construction. High-quality parking bollards are typically made from durable materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty steel. They offer superior strength and resistance to corrosion. It often comes down to things you don’t see from the outside. Like the thickness of the stainless steel wall and the quality of the powder coating.  Better quality materials ensure that bollards remain sturdy and strong over time, providing long-lasting protection for your parking facility. So you only have to buy them once, and not replace cheap versions multiple times over.

Longevity: Investing in Parking Bollards

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You should also think about how long you need your parking bollards to be functional for. The longer the time, the more important that you invest in bollards that offer long-term reliability. This up-front investment in best quality parking bollards ends up saving you time and money in the future since you won’t have to replace them as often. Cheap parking bollards often compromise on quality, leading to premature wear and tear. And this can cause you costly repairs and replacements down the line. So it really wipes out any initial savings you thought you made when choosing those cheap parking bollards. By investing in high-quality parking bollards from the beginning, you can ensure that your parking facility remains secure, well-maintained, and makes your life easier.

We often have customers call to complain about battery life for example. Many other cheap copycat parking bollards use dry D-cell batteries. The kind that you use in your kids toys. And these need to be replaced every 6 weeks. Just think about that! Your ever ready bunny is a kids toy. Is your parking bollard a toy as well that just runs on those sort of batteries. Or do you want reliability and longevity that an industrial strength rechargeable lead acid battery gives you.

Plus those D cell kids batteries aren’t cheap! Woolworths has 2 of them priced at $11.50, so if you need 6 of them every 6 weeks, you’re talking about an ongoing cost of $6 per week just for the batteries, which is another $300 each year just for batteries! And that’s not any cheaper than the initial saving you think you may have made. And that’s even if the batteries and the cheap bollard keep working! Plus the hassle of changing them out so regularly because you go to use your automatic remote control parking bollard and it’s run out of charge!

By comparison, with thatsmyspot parking bollards we supply 6V rechargeable lead acid batteries. These are already included in the price of the reliable parking bollard and last 9-12 months before they need a charge. And we provide the charger in your initial purchase. On average, these rechargeable batteries last 3 years. Comparing that directly to the D cell batteries, which would set you back $300 per year, over 3 years, that ends up being a whopping $900. Whereas thatsmyspot parking bollards which are built for longevity, have a battery and charger already included

Challenges and Limitations to look for in Cheap Parking Bollards

  • Limited Warranty Coverage: Cheap parking bollards often come with limited or no warranty coverage, leaving you unprotected in case of defects or failures.
  • Subpar Installation Quality: Inexpensive bollards may be accompanied by subpar installation services, resulting in improper placement and reduced effectiveness.
  • Fly by night! Suppliers of cheap parking bollards don’t stay in business very long because of the poor product quality and lack of warranty. Just last week I was called out to a site where they had used 3 other cheap parking bollard suppliers, all of whom were no longer in business!

Understanding these challenges is crucial for making informed decisions when selecting best parking bollards for your facility.

Why Quality Matters in Parking Bollards?

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When you choose parking bollards, you should always prioritise safety and security. Low-quality bollards can fail, causing accidents, property damage, or unauthorised access to restricted areas. If you opt for cheap parking bollards, you might compromise on crucial safety features like impact resistance and stability, which puts both vehicles and pedestrians at risk.

High-quality parking bollards are better. This is because they focus on safety, incorporating features such as reinforced construction, reflective surfaces, and tamper-resistant mechanisms. These features deter unauthorised access, guide traffic effectively, and minimise the risk of accidents or collisions. By investing in quality bollards, you protect your property and assets and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone using your parking facility.

For example, a retail shopping centre that initially chose inexpensive bollards saw several bollards show signs of wear and tear within a few months. After a minor collision caused significant damage to one of the bollards, the centre upgraded to high-quality bollards. These new bollards, made from durable stainless steel and equipped with reflective strips, have since provided reliable protection, enhancing both security and customer safety.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

When you invest in high-quality bollards, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your parking facility is protected by the best parking bollards. Because they are durable, reliable, and secure fixtures. Say goodbye to the risks and headaches associated with cheap parking bollards and make the smart choice for your property. Buy the best parking bollards with reliable and durable quality.

Finding Affordable Solutions

Now that you understand the importance of quality in parking bollards, you might wonder where to find affordable yet reliable options. At ThatsMySpot we offer the best parking bollard solutions. As a trusted provider of parking solutions for over 15 years, we offer a wide range of parking bollards designed to meet your needs and budget.

We ensure that you enjoy the best of both worlds: affordable pricing and uncompromising quality. We manufacture our parking bollards using high-grade materials and innovative engineering techniques, ensuring superior durability, longevity, and performance. Whether you need fixed bollards, smart parking bollards, removable parking bollards, or collapsible bollards, we have the perfect solution for your parking facility.

Explore our extensive selection of parking bollards and discover affordable solutions that deliver uncompromising quality and performance. With thatsMySpot, you can transform your parking facility into a safe, organised, and efficient space for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Case Study: High Quality Parking Bollards for Apartment Living

We were called into a residential apartment building which had  repeated issues with unauthorised parking. We consulted with them and  the apartment building installed our high-quality, tamper-resistant bollards. Our bollards also come with reflective red tape  to further enhance safety . Installing our durable bollards enhanced safety and organisation of the parking area. Both the building manager and the residents had excellent positive feedback. This case study highlights the tangible benefits of why you should invest in quality parking solutions not cheapest bollards online.

Visit our Case Studies page for examples and success stories. To discuss your needs, feel free to contact us.