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Future of Parking Stations: A Necessity in the Modern Cityscape

A modern parking station in Australia featuring white cars neatly parked in designated spaces. The sleek design incorporates modern architecture and efficient parking solutions for urban mobility.

The parking industry stands at a crossroads, facing a future teeming with autonomous vehicles, electric, and flying cars. As urban populations swell—an estimated 27% increase over the next 26 years according to UN data—we must rethink our car parks and parking stations to serve not just today’s needs but those of the coming decades. The…

Why Parking Bollards Make Life Easier?

Remote control parking bollard

Parking challenges are no joke. Whether it’s sneaky spot stealers in residential zones or juggling for space in bustling commercial districts, parking can drive anyone nuts. But there’s hope! In this blog let’s tackle how parking bollards makes our life easier. Effortless Residential Visits Visiting friends in crowded neighbourhoods is a breeze with the parking…

Preventing ICEing: Smart Parking Bollards as a Solution 

Remote Parking bollard installed in EV charging bay

Australia’s electric vehicle adoption rate has surged with sales of new EVs tripling in the first nine months of 2023. This accelerating adoption means increased demand for EV charging infrastructure. But with that come the challenges of ICEing – when Internal Combustion Engine (I.. C.. E) ie. petrol/ diesel vehicles, and even EVs now, park…

$10 million in grant funding to make NSW strata buildings EV Ready – apply now!

Smart parking bollard being installed in EV Charging bay.

This week the New South Wales government finally rolled out details of its EV Ready grant program that was announced in late 2022 to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative targets residential strata buildings and aims to assist in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Why Is the EV Ready Grant Program…

Fines for Parking in EV Charging Bays in Australia

The three automatic parking bollard is installed in a EV Charging parking bay.

Fines for Parking in EV charging bay without charging is up to $3,200 depending on your location in Australia. To accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) across Australia, all levels of Government have made it a priority to provide adequate EV charging infrastructure.  So Australian drivers can charge their EVs easily and regularly  without worry….

The Benefits of Car Sharing


Finding sustainable transport options is more crucial than ever in today’s fast-paced world. One innovative alternative is car sharing. As a well-liked substitute for traditional car ownership, car sharing benefits the environment significantly. This is especially the case as urbanization and traffic congestion rapidly increase. When you car share, it has a beneficial impact on…