$10 million in grant funding to make NSW strata buildings EV Ready – apply now!

Smart parking bollard being installed in EV Charging bay.

This week the New South Wales government finally rolled out details of its EV Ready grant program that was announced in late 2022 to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative targets residential strata buildings and aims to assist in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

Why Is the EV Ready Grant Program Important?

Well organised charging bays in a strata building

The shift to electric vehicles is inevitable, with more Australians showing keen interest in transitioning to sustainable transportation. However, a major concern for many prospective EV owners living in strata buildings is the lack of charging infrastructure. This initiative addresses that concern head-on and will play a pivotal role in ensuring that residential buildings are equipped to support this transition.

Benefits for Residents

By participating in this program, residents in strata buildings stand to gain:

  • Easy Access to EV Charging: No need to rely on public charging stations.
  • Increase in Property Value: A building equipped with EV charging infrastructure is future-ready and can command a higher property value.
  • Supporting Sustainable Living: Residents can take an active part in reducing carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Are You In? Check Eligibility: 📋

  • Registered under the Strata Schemes Act 📜
  • Have 10+ apartments 🏢
  • Offer private/shared off-street parking 🚗
  • For buildings < 40 units: max 4 EV chargers already ⚡️
  • For buildings > 40 units: chargers < 10% of parking spaces 🚘
  • Inclusivity: Everyone in the building should be able to access or share the EV upgrades! 🌍

Find out more & see if you qualify!

What’s on Offer?

The EV Ready grant funding program offers a total of up to $10 million to eligible NSW residential strata apartment buildings to boost EV charging in apartments at home.

The grant breaks down into 2 stages.

Stage 1: Pre-Installation Feasibility Study

📊 Get a feasibility study for your EV charging needs:

  • You pay only $2,000 💰
  • NSW government covers the rest! 🙌
  • Either choose the NSW government pre-approved assessors or, if you have already obtained your own assessment report, ensure that it covers certain key information listed in the application. This includes building details, including the number of parking spaces; proof of strata etc

Stage 2: Installing EV chargers – Retrofitting for existing buildings

Once approved and completed through Stage 1, then your building can apply for funding under Stage 2 to provide co-funding to install the infrastructure required to install the EV chargers.

  • 🛠️ Retrofitting? Here’s the deal:
    • Get 80% co-funding for infrastructure (max $80,000/building) 🏢
    • Score 50% off software subscription (up to $1,200/building) for 2 years 🖥️
  • 🚘 Making it super easy for residents to plug in their EVs at home! 🏠

For Stage 2, your strata building will need to:

  • get 2 x commercial quotes for the electrical infrastructure works
  • confirm that the owners corporation has approved the works; that EV charging infrastructure will be appropriately operated and maintained, and will be made accessible to all residents and tenants looking to install EV chargers
  • show that you’ve got sufficient funds to complete the works (i.e. sufficient capacity in the Capital Works Fund). 
  • Cover off all your insurances: public liability, professional indemnity, workers compensation. 
  • There are some other administrative requirements, diagrams etc you’ll need to supply.

Check out all the information here

And the FAQ section here

Check out the application form here

Parking Bollard installed in Strata Building EV Charging Bay.

Time Limits?

While there are no time limits on when the grant funding ends, once the $10M is exhausted, the grant program will close.

Got Questions?

If you’re scratching your head over any details or just need some extra info, don’t hesitate to reach out to the NSW Energy Department. They’re there to help and ensure your transition to an EV-friendly building is as smooth as possible.

Solving EV charging load management challenges with parking bollards

In some buildings, you’re feasibility study may show that you have load management issues that you need to overcome. This means that given your building’s existing power consumption, you may be limited as to the number and type of EV chargers you can install. You may not be able to put an EV charger in every single bay, but rather your building may have to share them. For example in some of your visitor parking bays. At thatsMYspot we’ve got a very clever way to manage sharing of EV charging bays with our smartphone parking bollard solutions. By installing smart parking bollards, you can ensure that those shared EV charging bays are fairly shared among EV drivers in your building, and not just used for regular parking. Have a look at some of our case studies to see how we’ve achieved this for very happy residential strata buildings.

Setting an Example for Other States

The NSW government’s commitment to promoting electric vehicles is commendable. This grant program not only facilitates a smoother transition for residents but also sets a benchmark for other states to follow. By taking proactive steps like these, the government is paving the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

EVs are definitely here to stay, and with the NSW government’s EV Ready grant program, residential strata buildings are being encouraged to embrace EV adoption. With NSW government funding you can enjoy the convenience of charging your EV in your home, adding value to your  property value and contributing to a greener planet. Make sure to take advantage of this timely opportunity and make your building Electric Vehicle Ready!

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