Safety Metrics Guidelines in your organisation.

Increasingly, more and more organizations are asking team leaders to provide data on workplace efficiencies and how to make better-informed decisions. Safety Metrics and Leading Indicators such as measuring lost time, incident and severity rate are not adequate measures of safety. These data points just give us information on the number of people who were injured in an incident and the severity of their injuries, but do not prevent accidents and incidents. It is recommended that each organisation needs to set clear KPIs to track their safety metrics. Workplace Australia provides report guidelines for the measuring and reporting of work health and safety.
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Identifiable Safety Metrics:
  • Identify what safety measurements are important to you, your employees, your organization, and specifically your customers.
  • Define reasonable identifiable metrics and also challenge yourselves with safety goals.
  • Track and review safety metrics regularly; implement improvements.
  • Communicate openly with risk management areas to identify areas where further improvement can be made.
Host regular site OH&S reviews to identify new risks:
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  • Train your team to look up. Most of us will only look down or straight ahead, but if you’re going to do a thorough job, train your team to also look up.
  • Initiate regular site reviews from team members who don’t typically work in this area – low hanging clearance bars, sharp corners on signs, open conduit, exposed wires, loose spalling from ceilings, unsecured handrails / tread-plates on stairways, etc are often noticed during site inspections to later be corrected prior to having a safety incident.
Car Parking Safety Programs :
  • Installing speed humps to slow down vehicular traffic, add mirrors positioned on blind corners, install bollards and corner guards near exposed piping to ensure vehicles don’t inadvertently reverse into them. This will all help too. A safety program is not only required inside the office!
  • Parking programs should make SAFETY a PRIORITY.
  • Employee injuries, worker’s compensation, and lawsuits are all very expensive; especially, if you lose due to gross negligence; it’s about caring for people and excellent customer service.
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