Why use parking bollards?

Car Parking With Remote Control Bollard

In many areas where both pedestrians and vehicles use similar spaces, parking bollards should be used. The reason they are used is strategic – to protect both people and assets. They are designed to both protect and manage designated parking areas for vehicles, and also to provide safe designated areas for pedestrians to use.

Protecting People

Clearly delineating where pedestrian and vehicle traffic should flow manages stress-free interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. It makes it easy to see which areas vehicles can access, and which areas are reserved for pedestrians. This results in significantly improving parking management, and a seamless user experience for both drivers and pedestrians.

Protecting Infrastructure Assets

Parking bollards are also used to protect costly infrastructure from damage, by providing additional visible height protection. Eg. yellow safety bollards at 900 mm or higher tall to protect gates, entryways, lift wells, columns, gas and water pipes, and similar building infrastructure.

Parking bollards can be easy to overlook, but are a small investment to use and can return huge upside protecting both people and assets.

So where would you use parking bollards?

And what is the right type for each situation? 

folding-manual-parking-bollard-installed indoors
Manual folding parking bollards TMS-B04 and TMS-B06 installed in indoors basement parking lot

1.      When you need Better Traffic Control and Parking Management 

Congested parking areas cost everyone involved a lot of wasted time and money. 

Parking bollards can reduce this problem of congestion by:

  • guiding traffic through pre-delineated boundaries
  • clearly separating entry and exit lanes
  • limiting the chances of cars entering the wrong lanes, or entering them the wrong way!
  • marking the end of the parking bay, 
  • restricting the ability of drivers taking shortcuts through parking stations, creating dangerous traffic situations.

When parking bollards are properly selected for their purpose, their height and colour (usually safety yellow with red reflective stripes) stand out in parking lot environments where many distractions already exist. 

2. To Protect Parking Asset Infrastructure

Strategically installed parking bollards are also a great way to protect and maintain parking asset infrastructure

Parking infrastructure maintenance and repair is costly. Just think about all the concrete columns, elevator shafts, gates, roller-doors, essential services pipelines etc installed in underground parking basements. Any time a vehicle bumps into them, damage is likely – whether minor or major (think about that burst water main). 

Installing parking bollards is a very clear, simple and smart way to prevent such damage to parking assets. eg. preventing drivers from inadvertently reversing into a concrete column, wall or water main. And while it sounds like an additional capex item that you don’t really have to worry about, trust me, it is far more cost-effective to install protective and preventive bollards up front, rather than the continuous and ongoing upkeep of repairs and maintenance to parking infrastructure assets that regularly incur damage..

From a security perspective, parking bollards are a big safety feature.

For example, bollards installed adjacent to a walkway between where cars drive on the other side, could save the life of a pedestrian should a vehicle lose control.

In a warehouse or industrial setting for example, they would provide protection between a footway and say a forklift driving heavy pallets which is a hazard zone, thereby enhancing workplace health and safety.

3. To Properly Reserve Disabled Parking Bays

Disabled parking or handicap parking bays are an essential part of every building’s parking area. These disabled parking bays need to be more easily accessible for disabled members of our community. They also need to be wider, more visible, and closer to entry and exit points in every building, whether it is residential, commercial, or retail.

Because they are so close for ease of access, unfortunately many people tend to take advantage of using disabled parking bays, thinking “no one will see”, or “it’s just for a couple of minutes’ ‘. But unfortunately these extra-convenient parking bays are vulnerable to misuse.

Smartphone parking bollard TMS-APL3 and TMS-APL4 installed in disabled parking

So parking bollards are the perfect way to ensure that these parking bays, reserved for our disabled community, are specifically reserved to be used by them. 

At thatsmyspot.com.au, we sell a range of automated and manual parking bollards that are the perfect solution for this problem especially.  

4. To protecting your own parking spot!

It is so frustrating when you arrive at your reserved parking spot, either at home, or at work, and someone else has been so inconsiderate to park in YOUR PARKING SPOT! Complete and utter disregard of your property, which results in incredible frustration, stress, and wasted time while you try to find another available parking spot, (Hopefully not someone else’s!), or try to find whose car it is to move it!


For this situation, at that’smyspot we have a range of parking bollards designed to protect your parking spot. Manual parking bollards, automatic remote control parking bollards, smartphone parking bollards – all designed to suit your personal need and application. The point is it’s YOUR parking spot, and it should be available at all times for YOU when YOU need it. 

Our parking bollards for this situation are designed as a physical deterrent to prevent someone else stealing your parking spot.

5. To expand and reduce parking areas

Often there are situations where there is a need to either expand or restrict the areas available for parking as a result of a particular event. For example, when there is a sporting event, parking needs to be available at its maximum capacity, including all reserved employee parking areas. At other times, when for example, you want to contain all vehicles to say one or two levels of a parking station, you want to be able to stop them from parking freely all over the parking lot.

In those situations, at thatsMYspot.com.au we recommend the use of removable or collapsible parking bollards. These types of bollards are perfect for areas that don’t always require constant accessibility.

thatsmyspot.com.au is a one-stop-shop for parking bollards. We are passionate about finding smart, simple and secure parking solutions for our clients. We are proudly an Australian-owned business, dedicated to providing the best customer parking experience. Our goal is to provide the best quality parking bollards, with phenomenal reliability and stellar service to our clients.

At thatsMYspot.com.au we stock a huge range of parking bollards. Most of these are surface-mounted for ease of installation and to minimize interference. These include our: 

  • smartphone parking bollards which enable authorised users to use their smartphone to operate the bollards and share access among many residents / users in a building. These come in both standard height and with or without auto-sensors that raise the bollard after the driver leaves.
Safety first – Installing remote control parking bollards TMS-APL2

We also install bulk orders and offer volume discounts.

Our bollards are made of super high quality powder-coated and galvanized steel. The type of parking bollard you choose comes down to what you need it for, and your personal preference and budget.

Please reach out to our professional sales team to guide you in the best way to solve your parking problems.

At thatsmyspot.com.au we deliver:

  • A broad range of smart and cost-effective parking solutions
  • Outstanding product testing – we’ve tested all our parking bollards in all weather conditions, and they have proved themselves repeatedly
  • We offer a 12 month guarantee
  • And a stellar reputation behind our products. 
  • thatsmyspot.com.au – Parking Solutions Made Simple

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