Connected Mobility 103 … Smart Roads


Every year A$3.37 billion is lost to traffic congestion in Australia’s busiest capital cities & increasing with population growth.

Proving “smart roads” – by retrofitting our existing highways with smart sensors & cameras, into either the surface or overhead, our transport agencies gain the ability to monitor the traffic flow, ground conditions & overall performance of a road.


Consistent connected data touch points along the roads achieves predictability of, and responsiveness to, vehicle movements.

Combining this with vehicle connected mobility & telematics, gives us enormous power to have a massive positive impact on traffic congestion & incident responsiveness.

For example – an accident on a highway.


Smart roads immediately collect the incident data

They use this to instantly adjust to respond to the physical conditions:

  • On the road, by changes to warning signs, speed limits, diversions
  • To nearby drivers through connected mobility to other vehicles in the area – communicating & forewarning them of the hazardous & changed conditions.

Enabling drivers to be better informed, safer & more efficient.

Definitely enhancing my driving experience.

What do you think?

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