Parking for persons with disabilities is something mandated by Australian legislation.

However its implementation and the rules around it are sometimes unclear.

In this section we talk about the rules around obtaining a disabled parking permit, the benefits it entitles you to, enforcement, and the social commentary around situations where people unfairly abuse the system.

Accessibility to transport is also something that is addressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in Goal No.11,  so we also touch on that here as well.

The impact that careless parking has on persons with disabilities is also a very hotly debated topic, and we discuss this here as well.

So in identifying this particular problem for persons with disabilities, my goal is to try to solve it.

We are committed to making a small difference to the lives of persons with disability by using our automated parking bollard technology to support individuals and car parking providers to provide fair and guaranteed access to disability car parking.

If you’d like to share something with us about issues around disability parking please contact us here