Connected Mobility 102 … Features of a Connected Vehicle


Moving on from last week… exploring some of the smart features incorporated in a connected vehicle.

Such as:

  • Voice assistants built into dashboards, seamlessly connecting to home & work.
  • Real-time information – for traffic, parking, EV charging locations & availability.
  • Payment gateways – for enhanced UX for parking, EV charging, shopping, mobile wallet apps.
  • Smartphone integration – bringing functionality & connectivity to vehicle dashboards.
  • Remote parking – eg. Teslas enable you to hop out of tight parking spaces & valet park your vehicle with your phone.

Connected vehicles can also:

  • perform OTA software updates
  • communicate with each other, sharing information through V2V vehicle telematics
  • create safe geo-fenced geographical zones, which enhance security
  • open up a world of entertainment through pre-loaded or downloadable content, music, podcasts, apps, services.

With all these smart features and functionality, connected mobility is revolutionizing on-road travel.

Do these excite you?

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