How To Make Off-Street Parking More Affordable in Australia

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Parkopedia recently released their 2019 Global Parking Index Report, and their findings for off-street parking in Australia are well … rather expensive! Source

1.   Australia is the most expensive country in the world for daily off-street parking with the average Australian daily cost of off-street parking in 2019 (in car-parks that are both privately and publicly owned) at a whopping $US29.71 or $AUS44.47! This is particularly alarming as the countries behind Australia have an average daily rate of at least 20% cheaper than ours. These are Switzerland, Hong Kong, Monaco and Norway. Of note, the US and UK came in at 11th and 21st place respectively.

 2.   Australia is also the most expensive country in the world for short-term two-hour off-street parking. The average cost of a two-hour off-street parking spot in Australia in 2019 sits at $US15.65 per hour. This is 61% more expensive than the next most expensive country, the United States at US$9.68 per hour.

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 3.   By capital city, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are also among the most expensive cities in the world for daily off-street parking, ranking in the top 10 cities globally. As to be expected, London holds the top spot at $US45.95 per day, with New York coming in a close 2nd at $US44.98. Startling, is that Sydney comes in at 3rd spot with an average daily price of $US44.39 – almost on par with London and New York! Melbourne and Brisbane ranked in 5th and 6th spots respectively at US$35.52 and US$35.36, but 20% more affordable than Sydney, London and New York.

So why is off-street parking in Australia so expensive?

Is it our population density? Not likely. We are a vast land of sprawling cities, and while Australia’s population is increasing, currently standing at 25 million, it doesn’t come anywhere near the populations of our counterparts in Europe, Asia and the US. In fact, our population density is one of the lowest in the world. [Source : World Population Review]*

Unsurprisingly, areas close to the heart of our major Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane experience higher spot population density, but definitely not at the levels of inner-city London, Hong Kong and New York which would in any way warrant making Australia the most expensive country in the world for off-street parking!


Is it the number of cars?

With an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the road in the world [Source: Carsguide], Australia has a miniscule fraction of them at just 19.5 million for our 25 million of population. [Source: ABS]

By comparison, the United Kingdom had 32.5 million registered vehicles at the end of 2019 to a population of 61.5 million [Source: Statista] New York had 4.87 million registered motor vehicles, including taxi cabs, to its population of 8.6 million [Source: World Population Review] and Hong Kong with its population of 7.6 million [Source: World Population Review] had just 840,000 registered vehicles in 2018 [Source: Statista]

Rethinking parking ownership …and collaborative consumption

Australians will continue to use private cars, so we need to continue parking these cars.

The Australian Federal Government recently announced a plan for funding for $650 million to construct new car parks in certain commuter hot spots with a view to relieve the parking pain points for commuters near public transport hubs [Source]

Great news for some in the hot spot areas, but for those who are not, what can be done to alleviate the ongoing problem of expensive off-street parking?

We need to devise a better solution…

What if owners of private parking spaces embraced the attitude of “I’m not using my parking space right now so maybe someone else can share or use it. Can I benefit my community and the environment?”.  Simultaneously monetizing one’s existing physical asset, enabling others to use it when you are not…

There are numerous segregated parking apps in Australia which help to locate individual parking spaces available for rent in your specific area. While a great start to collaborative consumption in parking, for a user, there is no guarantee that when you arrive at the allocated parking space, that some other inconsiderate soul has already parked there and “iced” your parking spot.

A bank of Teslas lined up charging at Birkenhead Point’s range of customised smartphone operated parking bollards and parking locks enable you to both protect your parking spot when you need it and also share access with other authorised users when you’re not using it. Having a physical bollard in place reinforces the reservation of the parking system of these apps. If people don’t have permission to use the parking spot at the time, then the bollard just won’t let them in.‘s parking bollards ensure you can secure your parking space for when you need it, or enable sharing for when your authorized sharee will need it. It’s a win-win.

Help Australia modify our reputation from being the most expensive off-street parking country in the world to the most innovative one! Simultaneously reduce on-street congestion, improve urban planning and sustainability, and quickly contribute to reducing the cost of off-street parking in Australia!                               is an Australian business, based in Sydney, and delivering nationwide.

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* Australia’s population density is 3.32 persons per square kilometre compared to the United Kingdom at 279.48 people per square kilometre.

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