Do Parking Bollards Benefit Office Buildings?

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Pedestrian Safety 

Let’s face it, there is always an element of danger that needs to be addressed wherever vehicles and pedestrians intersect. Parking locks and parking bollards can help mitigate this risk by providing clear traffic management in a number of different environments, including entertainment venues, schools, universities, shopping malls, and even private residences. Car park bollards create order by delineating parking and ensuring that those who have permission to enter and utilise certain spaces in a car park are the only ones given accessibility. Importantly, parking bollards also increase safety by ensuring clear divides between pedestrians and moving vehicles, because you can’t rely on attentive driving alone. office parking lot

We’ve seen the benefits of car park bollards industry-wide. Whether it’s our remote control bollards keeping the peace for office buildings, or our impossible-to-miss yellow bollards holding the fort between traffic and pedestrians, bollards are often the safety solution that brings about order in busy areas. And what area is quite as busy as the office? 

Enforcing Bay Usage  

window view of parking lotParking bollards are designed to control access and protect designated car park spaces from unauthorised vehicles. A high-quality bollard can make all the difference for a busy office environment, and allow employers and employees alike to reserve a spot for themselves or specified visitors and workers. When it comes to parking in private office car parks, there are often complaints of coworkers or employees across different companies misusing one another’s parking bays. Worse yet, most offices don’t have their own private car park, and industries are left to compete over limited resources.  

Many employees have turned to paying monthly for private parking at venues like Secure parking, to ensure they get to work on time. Only for many to arrive and discover their bay already taken by someone else accessing this venue… 

The easiest parking solution to ensure that office-goers don’t infringe on each other’s designated parking spots?  Parking bollards. Bollards allow peace of mind that employees will be able to access the bays they pay for on time. They also reduce the chance of parking lot feuds. 

Which car park bollard is right for an office? 

Each bollard comes with a unique set of advantages. Selecting one for an office boils down to personal requirement and use. If you’re looking for a reliable and traditional parking bollard, your office would benefit from the manual folding bollard that offers parking security in bright colours, ensuring high visibility. If you’re looking for the most convenient option, your office could benefit from the automatic parking bollard, which can be made to fold or stand erect at the simple click of a remote controlled button. If your office is more tech-savvy, youaerial view of parking lot may want to look at the premium option of a smartphone controlled bollard that connects wirelessly to your device. And last but not least, if what your office car park needs is increased pedestrian safety, a fixed parking bollard can ensure your establishment meets all safety requirements and separates those on foot from moving vehicles.  

Looking to experience the benefits of parking bollards in your office building or for your own personal use as an employee? Take a look at our picks from thatsMYspot for the top office parking bollards here.