Top Three Uses for Steel Security Bollards 

Parking bollards are the easy solution to a variety of pedestrian and traffic safety concerns. They are designed to be durable and tough, while maintaining eye-catching colours for the sake of visibility. Perfect for private use, strata use, or public use, parking bollards resolve many traffic pain points. We’ve seen our reliable and BCA compliant bollards hard at work throughout Australia. Everything from our protective bollards guarding a bustling school parking lot, to our reinforced metal bollards barring ram raids. 

Most people don’t even notice bollards are around them in any given vicinity, let alone the extraordinarily defensive measure they maintain. With their tough and reinforced exterior that offers traffic control and pedestrian safety, security bollards have become a fixture throughout our cities. So, where are security bollards most effective?

bollards protecting parking bays

Using the Fixed Bollard to Control Traffic

Security bollards are commonly used for traffic control measures. With metal bollards being durable and sturdy, they offer reliable protection when navigating pedestrians and moving vehicles. These fixed bollards prevent vehicle spillover, can correct traffic speed, and can delineate zones that are meant to be car free.

When placed correctly, metal bollards can reduce the frequency of accidents on the roads. The security bollard also offers greater impact protection due to its heavily reinforced design.


Using the Fixed Bollard to Prevent Ram Raids

Preventing ram raids

Another staple location for security bollards is outside of stores, warehouses and glass shop fronts. Here, these fixed bollards not only diminish the risk of accidental vehicle impacts, but also deter the even worse risk of deliberate vehicle impacts. “Ram raid” refers to the crime of driving a vehicle into a building to break through and loot its contents, before driving away. This increasingly common risk is quite effectively managed with the investment of a few security bollards that pose an unyielding, 24/7 obstacle.   

Using the Fixed Bollard to Deter Trespassing 

Metal bollards are also used to surround and preserve areas with a vested interest in deterring trespassers, such as areas hosting expensive equipment or culturally valuable historical sites. Such protective bollards help deter vandalism by denying vehicles entry even when there are no guards or employees present. A strategically placed bollard can prevent dangerous occurrences from careless activity that could pose a threat to people, or alternatively prevent purposeful defacement that could pose a risk to buildings, natural or historical sites, and more.  

Tireless defenders, the security bollard offers unrivalled control across various scenarios. Out of our range, we recommend our fixed bollards for such an unyielding purpose.