Disability Parking and Permits in Victoria 

disability parking bays

We have seen a rise in a particular kind of client for our durable parking bollards – those who require access to disability parking bays. People who carry a disability permit require select bays as they are closer to exits and entrances, have higher visibility surrounding them, and are made to be wider to cater to wheelchairs and ramps. However more often than not, many drivers without a permit will use these bays as ‘quick drop off’ zones. Without proper traffic management from officers or a sturdy yellow bollard, this goes completely unchecked. On the other side of the issue, those with permits find themselves cross-questioned when they get out their vehicles, too often incorrectly judged as being an illegal parker. 

peson in wheelchair

The local car park quickly becomes a traffic nightmare during busy hours, and attentive driving feels like a thing of the past. For those with special parking requirements, the frustration of this becomes that much worse. It’s no wonder that by the end of it, a car park bollard is all that is left to defend parking spots allocated to those with permits. Almost all these issues arise from people not being educated on disability parking and their related permits. So to clear up some confusion surrounding parking permits, here are two common questions answered.  


Who is Eligible for a Disability Permit? 

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In Victoria, permits are only given to people who have a medical report that states they have compromised mobility or vision. Only a doctor can sign a medical criteria form to allow for permit eligibility. For this, a medical specialist will check if a person has any restricted walking ability. This can be due to injury, a disability, or any other medical condition. In order to be given a permit, the medical professional will check if a person:  

– Has a significant mobility impairment that requires them to use a mobility aid or device, and a standard parking bay is not big enough to allow them access to and from the vehicle. 

– Has another permanent medical or physical condition that means that minimal walking (up to 100 metres) causes pain, fatigue, or imbalance which may endanger their health acutely in the long term. 

– Has significant cognitive, behavioural or neurological impairment that causes them to be unsafe when walking without a carer or continuous support. 

Where Can You Use a Parking Permit? 

supporting poeple with disabilities

There are streamlined processes ensuring that those in need of a permit have the access to one. However, we hope to see more non-permit holders leaving delegated spaces for those permitted in certain bays. For now, our parking bollards will proudly hold the fort by limiting access to permit holders only. 

In Victoria, a disability parking permit must be displayed correctly and be visible at all times. So where are these parking permits used? Victorians can use their permits to park their vehicle in an accessible parking bay for the time displayed on the sign allocated to that bay. They can also park in a standard parking bay for double the time displayed on the parking sign allocated to that bay. 

Where are permits not permitted? Victorians with permits are still prohibited from bays that are in restricted locations such as clearways, no stopping or parking areas, taxi only areas, bus zones, and authorised residential areas. Restricted zones marked off by bollards or other forms of signage are still prohibited spots for permit holders. They also do not exempt the permit holder from paying fees in areas where parking fees apply. 

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