Visitor Parking: What can you do when residents abuse?

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In our last blog we explained who can, and how they should, use visitor parking bays in a residential strata building.

What can you do when residents and owners abuse visitor parking bays in residential strata buildings?

Parking their own vehicles there excessively? 😡😡😡

There’s a series of things the Owners Corporation can legally do under regulations to stop this.

They do take time and effort, and you should follow the procedures very carefully. 

Some things Owners Corporations can do to control visitor parking bay usage.

Visitor parking Only Road Sign
  1. Use parking signs, security guards, key card systems or parking bollards and barriers.
  2. Pass a by-law to implement time and frequency limits on visitor parking
  3. Pass a by-law that prohibits owners/ residents from parking anywhere on common property, for example in NSW there is Standard By-Law no.1 which many buildings adopt.
  4. Communicate clearly with signage, on noticeboards and in the by-laws, about illegally parked cars before they try to remove them, 
  5. Clarify expectations between by-laws and building rules, 
  6. Enforce parking fines, after warnings and first-time offenses, 
  7. Following certain procedures set out in the legislation,if entry/exit ways are obstructed,
  1. Issue a Breach Notice and a Penalty
Car Parking Penalty Fine

Most buildings have by-laws that deal with visitor parking. If your building does, a resident parking in the visitor parking bays is breaching the by-laws.

Your Owners Corporation can then serve them with a notice to comply (ie. MOVE their car and STOP parking in the visitor car parking in breach of our by-laws).

If they do it again, your Owners Corporation get NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to issue a penalty of $1,100

And if they do it AGAIN within 12 months, then the NCAT penalty can double to $2,200.

This is all set out on the NSW Fair Trading site here.


2. Tow the Offending Car

Breach notice failed? NSW Owners Corporations can tow the vehicle, following specific procedures, for persistent offending parkers.

Owners Corporation can remove left unattended cars in visitors’ parking under Section 125 of the Strata Schemes Management Act.

The process involves putting a removal notice on or near the car, followed by a 5 day waiting period. After that, the Owners Corporation can remove it. 


Our Step-By-Step Removal Guide

Place a removal notice on or near the car where the owner will see it.

Ensure that the removal notice meets these requirements:

  • It’s on an A4+ size piece of paper.
  • Put the removal notice somewhere it won’t be damaged by the weather.
  • Describe the vehicle and the state, time, and date the removal notice was issued.
  • Vehicle must be moved by specified deadline, or it will be removed from visitors’ parking area.
  • Give contact details of a strata committee or Owners Corporation member they can reach. 

After notice expiry, Owners’ Corporation can relocate the vehicle to nearest legal parking spot on common property, avoiding entry/exit blockage

And of course, all care must be taken to make sure you don’t damage the vehicle.

City inspector fining a vehicle

3. Consider asking Council to patrol the parking area on a paid basis.

I know, it’s not ideal and no guarantee it will work. Consider the option provided by The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and section 650A of Local Government Act 1993. Consult Council to explore the possibility of a paid ranger service for patrolling the area and parking in your strata.

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