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OMG – HOW FRUSTRATING is it when you pull up in your own designated parking space, whether at work or home, and some inconsiderate sod has decided that they would just find it easier to park there instead!

How do you stop someone from parking in your parking spot?

Easy! by installing a parking bollard – either manual, remote controlled or smartphone operated. Pesky parkers be warned away from parking in your parking spot!

Installing any type of physical parking bollard gives you the security and peace of mind that without your approval, no one else can use that parking spot.

So I know what they look like, but what does everyone call them?

Now that is a slightly tricky answer, because people call them so many different things. Yes we hear you!

remote control parking bollard installed in parking lot
Remote control parking bollards TMS-APL2 installed in a residential apartment building in Lane Cove

The good thing is that we all know what we want the outcome to be – a parking space protector. We’re all definitely on the same page here because you want to stop someone from parking in your parking spot. And make your parking and your life easier and stress-free!

Some of the names commonly used are a parking bollard, a parking barrier, a fold down parking bollard, a parking lock, a parking security lock.

But the most important thing for you is to know that you can rely on our parking bollards to WORK TO PROTECT YOUR PARKING SPOT! Making your parking stress-free and your life easier!

So which parking bollard is the right one for me?

There are so many different parking space protectors, how do I know which one is the right one to choose for me?

Well there are a few key things that help with your decision:

  1. Convenience – do you want the ease of an automated parking space protector, either a remote control parking bollard or a smartphone parking lock? Do you have the room or access to hop in or out of your car to unlock and lock a manual fold down parking bollard, or is it limited access?
  2. Where you’re installing it – is it outdoors or indoors, heavy or light traffic, regular sedans or utes, trucks and heavy duty vehicles?
  3. Cost – are you aiming for the most cost-effective parking bollard you can find, or are you prepared to pay a little more for the convenience of having an automated parking space protector?
  4. Who’s using the parking space? Is it just you or you and your team at work, family? Do you need to share access to others to use your parking bollard, so getting keys would be a little more cumbersome? And maybe a smartphone parking bollard would be better suited to your needs?
  5. Are you in an open area car park or indoors in a more protected car parking area, where people would be more likely to respect your parking space protector installed in your car park?
  6. Maintenance – do you just want a parking space protector that you can install and not worry about maintenance again, or are you ok with just a little bit of maintenance that involves charging a battery on an automated bollard say every 9 months?

The answers to these questions will differ for each one of you, and that’s why we are here on the ground to help you answer all your questions, and recommend the best parking bollard solution for you.

Heavy duty manual parking bollard with keylock

With 13 years experience in this business, we know our parking lock products so well, and can recommend the best ones for you to use in your situation.

At the end of the day we want to take away that parking pain point for you, and give you a seamless, stress-free parking solution. All to make your parking life happier and hassle-free!

HAPPY PARKING. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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