Case Study – Hotels and Hospitality

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Hotels and hospitality venues generate a lot of traffic as they entertain guests coming and going throughout the day. Naturally, this allows for people and vehicles to gather in the venues parking bay, which becomes a contested resource among patrons. The more traffic that exists in these public spaces the more safety equipment becomes necessary to ensure adequate security for guests and visitors. Our bollard shop has recently installed an impressive 66 parking bollards for the hospitality venue alone. These bollards have shown great results in providing adequate traffic management, visitor safety, and asset protection.  
Bollards are reliable safety equipment tools, and investing in them can resolve a long list of parking pain points. Not only do they provide a level of security, they also provide a means to control the movement of guests and patrons whether they are on foot or in their vehicles. We saw these improvements in Newcastle and Adelaide, where our bollards currently service two busy hotel venues. So, how have our parking bollards come to the rescue for these two impressive destinations? 


Parking Bollards Improve Patron Experience

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Parking bollards and security bollards can significantly improve the experience of guests and visitors. First impressions count, after all, and there is nothing more refreshing to a patron than a seamless and efficient parking system. In contrast, it doesn’t take long for a visitor to become disgruntled and fatigued from battling other visitors in a chaotic, overly busy, and unmanaged public space. For instances like these, our parking bollards resolve these issues on the regular. Whether our customers have installed an automatic or manual bollard, the trusted measure of security provides total convenience and traffic control. The collapsible bollards work to delegate parking spots, ensuring no illegal parking can occur. It also lessens the number of vehicles circling for parking, as there is clear order with the visible bollards on duty. 
This painless means to offer parking to the right visitors, while deterring the wrong ones, significantly reduces the potential rise of driver frustration. The more orderly a hotel or hospitality venue is, the more these venues are to see happier and easier clients walking through their doors. Aside from the parking bollards themselves, which work to deter the wrong vehicle entering prohibited parking bays, a venue may also decide upon security bollards. These bollards are fixed to the ground and stay in one place, which can help divide moving vehicles from patrons, offering higher levels of pedestrian safety.

Bollards Direct and Manage the Flow of Traffic

busy parking lot

When a parking lot lacks proper order, traffic tends to escalate and stagnate. The constant circling of vehicles looking for empty bays, or cutting corners in parking lots to try and beat someone to a newly opened one, can spell out disaster and disorder. Bollards are able to regulate the flow traffic by creating clear lines, boundaries, and rules. In Newcastle and Adelaide, our bollards are hard at work with the responsibility of doing just this. The QT Hotel Newcastle have invested in an exciting 41 bollards to improve their venue and ensure managed traffic and vehicle control. A small hotel complex in Adelaide has made the same clever choice and installed 25 bollards at their venue.  
For each of these locations, we were proud to see just how impressive and functional our bollards were at improving the safety of the venue. Both these hotels see a lot of traffic during their day-to-day activities, and the strain on the public spaces provided for patrons is a constant pain point for those in the hospitality industry. Made from resilient and sturdy materials, our bollards can provide the solution for indoor or outdoor locations, suiting the needs of any venue. 

Maintaining the Australian Standard 

bollards spaced out

If you’re thinking of benefiting from bollards in your venue, it’s important to ensure that the bollards you’re using are meeting the Australian standard. For instance, did you know that parking bollards should be spaced by 1.6 metre centres? Or that they should be approximately 1 meter in height and include reflective materials or panels to ensure high visibility. These small details make bollards safer and more effective in their job. The bollards at That’s My Spot are all made from the right materials, to the right height, and maintain the Australian standard so that they can be ready for any job, large or small.  

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