Above, some parking-bollards we recently installed in Sydney in a shopping centre.

The Problem: 

A Sydney cafe owner was paying a premium to rent 6 parking spaces to use for themselves, their staff, and loading vans for delivery. However, they were falling prey to shoppers who come through the complex and upon seeing a vacant unprotected spot, decided to park there.

The shop owner needed to protect their parking for their own use (especially considering how much they pay for this accessibility on their lease).

The Solution: 

The cafe owner reached out to us with their parking pains, and we’ve swooped in and solved their problem by installing our trusty bollards.

They elected to use manual car park bollards for the parking bays for employees and staff which are used for longer time periods of parking (e.g. their shifts) and our remote control parking bollards for the ones where they get delivery.

We carried out the parking bollard installations for the customer in the morning, and the owner was just glowing and jumping with joy and couldn’t thank us enough. Her parking pain point was solved and she could get back to focusing on her business. 

Couldn’t be happier with stories like these!