Enhancing Access Control with Bollards: Securing Safety

The Parking bollards are installed in front of a mall

Bollards are a vital part of access control when it comes to managing parking spaces and protecting pedestrian security. These durable structures serve as a practical way to control traffic, protect restricted areas, and preserve a safe area. We will discuss how parking bollards can significantly improve parking solutions, creating a more efficient and safe environment for everyone. In this blog we explore the various aspects of parking design and discover how parking bollards can play a vital role in optimizing parking areas.

Understanding how Parking Bollards enhance access control

Bollards are robust, generally vertical posts strategically placed to control vehicle access, protect specific areas or assets, or delineate traffic. Manufacturers use various materials to make bollards, which they generally design to withstand impact. Materials used include steel, concrete, and timber. In other situations, flexible bollards are more suitable and made of materials such as heavy duty plastic or rubber. 

Parking bollards are a specialised sub-set of standard bollards. Parking bollards are physical barriers to stop people from parking in the wrong spots. They reserve designated parking bays for the correct drivers and prevent unauthorized vehicles from using them. They are either collapsible or retractable to let a car in or out when they need to park. One of the great things about parking bollards is their versatility. They come in various designs and styles to suit different parking needs. 

Fixed bollards provide a constant barrier to control vehicle access, while removable or retractable bollards offer flexibility in managing access control.

Fixed bollards and parking bollards differ in that one can temporarily remove or retract parking bollards. This way, authorised drivers can have access to use a specific parking bay or area, and you can control access to that space. It’s very useful to be able to adjust access control with removable or retractable bollards. For example, during special events or emergencies, you may want to let an ambulance into a restricted area.  Or during construction work, where you may need to temporarily close off or restrict parking areas  removable or retractable bollards are a convenient solution. They allow for easy and controlled access management.


How to enhance control in Securing Shopping Centres?

A Shopping Centre installed a parking bollard at the entrance.
Parking Bollard in front of a Shopping Centre

In a shopping centre, you might see parking bollards. Management often strategically install them in front of the building to separate vehicles and pedestrians.

These parking bollards serve crucial purposes for example,  separating pedestrian access from vehicle access, and managing the traffic flow around shopping complexes. Authorities often place parking bollards at the entry and exit points of a shopping centre car park, as well as around walkways. Their location enhances security and also  establishes a clear boundary between pedestrian and vehicular zones. The purpose of bollards goes beyond a mere design element or aesthetics. They are a practical solution for access control, preventing vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas. And so bollards and parking bollards ensure a safer shopping experience for all visitors.

Parking bollards also  create a more organized and efficient traffic flow. By clearly demarcating pedestrian-only zones, shoppers feel more secure while navigating through the shopping center. This not only enhances their overall experience but also reduces the risk of accidents or collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

What are Parking bollards used for in parking lots?

Remote control parking bollards TMS-APL2 installed in a residential apartment building in Lane Cove

Parking lot owners and building managers  turning parking bollards as a solution for pesky parking lot loiterers.

Pesky parkers try to use other people’s parking spots for their own convenience, while they go off on their merry way. They may occupy spaces for extended periods, preventing genuine customers or residents from using their designated  parking spots. The taking of parking spots causes frustration, unhappiness, and potential safety hazards for drivers.

It’s crucial for businesses like shopping centres to provide a positive customer experience for their visitors. And parking is generally the first part of their shopping experience that they encounter. So having secure, safe and readily accessible parking facilities is important to keep customer satisfaction high. It gives them confidence and enhances their shopping experience. By using parking bollards as strong deterrents to unwanted behaviour of pesky parkers, it means that parking bays are freed up for those who need them. 

Extra-large Remote Control Parking Bollard TMS-APL1 installed

We’ve recently seen an emerging trend in parking lot management with the increased use of the smart parking bollards. You can control these parking bollards remotely using a smartphone, so you don’t need to get in and out of the car to open and close them. This means drivers can save time with this automated functionality, which enhances convenience for both drivers and parking lot operators. 

Smart parking bollards usually have reflective features on them, which makes them  be highly visible even during low-light conditions, enhancing safety. This significantly improves your overall safety by easily spotting the bollards while navigating through the parking lot with ease. 

The reflective properties of these automated bollards also enhance the overall parking experience, particularly to those who may have difficulty seeing in dimly lit areas.

What is Pedestrian or Traffic Bollard

A black car is parked beside the traffic bollard

Your well-being as a pedestrian is of utmost importance, especially in areas where vehicles and foot traffic intersect. Traffic bollards serve as a protective barrier between you and the moving vehicles.It creates designated pathways for pedestrians while restricting unauthorized vehicular access.

You can also see these bollards in bike lanes. Where it creates a physical presence that reinforces the separation between bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicle areas. This prevents accidents and also gives you a sense of security, to freely navigate the surroundings without the fear of vehicle intrusions.

So, when you see these bollards installed in your street, they not only serve as aesthetic props for your selfies but also assure you of your security.

What is the difference between Parking Bollards and Traffic Bollards?

Parking bollards 

TMS-MPL4 extra-wide manual fold-down parking bollard and TMS-APL2 automatic remote control parking bollard install

Parking bollards manage and secure parking spaces in parking lots, garages, and other parking facilities. People install most bollards around individual parking spaces or along the perimeter of parking areas to prevent unauthorized parking, control traffic flow, and protect pedestrians from vehicle encroachment.

Traffic bollards

Authorities install the Traffic Bollards in various locations, such as roadways, sidewalks, and pedestrian zones, to control and direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It helps to regulate the flow of vehicles, designate pedestrian areas, and protect sensitive structures or spaces from potential vehicular impacts.

Ensuring Smooth Traffic Flow

Every shopping centre and parking lot has its own traffic management system. These systems enable them to estimate the number of visitors every day.?

Efficient traffic flow is crucial within these complexes. That’s why access control plays a vital role in ensuring smooth movement throughout the premises. These operators can minimize traffic congestion and optimize the flow of vehicles by strategically positioning parking bollards.

Access control is a crucial aspect of any traffic management system. Strategically placing parking bollards in specific locations allows the control of access to certain areas, ensuring that only authorized vehicles can enter. This not only maintains order and security within the premises but also optimizes the utilization of parking spaces.

Parking bollards play a significant role in protecting both people and assets. They create clear boundaries for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, facilitating stress-free interactions and enhancing parking management. By guiding traffic through pre-delineated boundaries and separating entry and exit lanes, parking bollards reduce congestion and minimize the chances of vehicles entering the wrong lanes or driving in the wrong direction. Furthermore, they mark the end of parking bays, prevent shortcutting through parking stations, and create safer traffic situations.

By incorporating quality parking bollards into parking design, we can create an environment that enhances the flow of traffic, ensures safety, and caters to the diverse needs of pedestrians and drivers. Whether it’s a bustling shopping center, a residential building, or a public space, parking bollards from That’s My Spot play a crucial role in optimizing parking solutions for a more efficient and secure experience.