Bollard Installation into Bitumen

Bollard installation


A Quick guide to installing bollards into bitumen

Bollard installation

For bollard installation into bitumen, we recommend that you drill down into the bitumen to see how deep it is and what’s underneath – usually compacted road base. If this is the case, then we suggest you get a length of endless thread from the hardware store, with 3 nuts to fit the endless thread, and some Chemset or a similar quick drying chemical anchor.

Mark the holes in the base plate on the bitumen, then drill down approximately 10-15 cm into the surface. Cut the endless thread in lengths to suit and use these as the fixings. Put some Chemset into the hole, insert the length of endless thread and then fit over the base plate.

Top the ends off with nuts to suit and then when the Chemset sets, it acts like a concrete pole around the endless thread fixing, keeping it very secure.

That’s it! For more information on bollard installation, have a look at our installation page.