Obtaining Owners Corporation approval to install parking bollards in your building


As a building or strata manager, are you sick and tired of handling the complaints from residents in a commercial or residential property about people constantly parking in their spots.

Is it something that you’re asked to solve on a regular basis?

Does it come up each and every year on the agenda for the Owners Corporation AGM?

Are there endless complaints and then the owners corporation doesn’t get around to agreeing on a solution?

We can solve that problem for you. We guide you through all the requirements for the Owners Corporation approval that you need.

All the things your Owners Corporation cares about when it comes to choosing the right sort of parking bollards and installing them.


The key things we get asked about all the time are:

  1. The parking bollards we choose need to be BCA compliant.

Yes absolutely they do!

Whether you’d like us to do the installation for you, or whether you have your own tradesmen to do the installation, all our manual parking bollards, remote control parking locks and smartphone parking barriers are all supplied with concrete fixings which are BCA compliant.

Our supplied fixings are 50 mm long, so comply with the requirement that any penetration into the concrete slab must be no more than 50 mm, as embedded services, such as water, electricity pipes etc, may be installed in the concrete slab, but only below 50 mm.

  1. Does installing the parking bollards into the concrete surface damage the concrete slab in any way?

Our fixings for installing your parking bollard into concrete are very sturdy but also very very discrete. They are hot-dipped galvanized self-threading ankascrews (Australian made by Ramset) which are incredibly sturdy and incredibly discrete.

They require only a 6 mm diameter hole for drilling, and then only 50 mm deep. There are between 3 and 4 holes per bollard, so the intrusion into the concrete slab is very very minimal.


If you need to remove the parking bollards at a later time, you can easily either remove the ankascrew, leaving a very small hole. You can choose to fill the hole with an epoxy if you like. Otherwise you may even just choose to cut the head of the screw off with an angle grinder, and have it flush with the concrete surface. Either way, the impact on the slab is negligible.

  1. We want a uniform look and feel for all the parking bollards, so we want them all the same. Can you help us with this? 

Yes, absolutely! Choice of which parking bollard you each individual would like often comes down to convenience and budget. Some people are prepared to pay for the convenience of an automated parking bollard so they don’t have to get in or out of the car to enter or exit their parking spot. Obviously, the automated ones are a bit more expensive. Other drivers are a bit more cost-conscious and for the added task of hopping in or out of their car to lower or raise the parking bollard, they are happy to go for the cheaper option of a manual parking bollard.

So to reconcile these different preferences, we usually suggest to owners’ corporations that they pre-approve two models of parking bollards that their residents’ can choose from. One is an automated parking lock, and the other is a more cost-effective manual parking barrier model.

Safety first – Installing remote control parking bollards TMS-APL2

That way they can still achieve uniformity across the parking area, but also meet the requirements of their residents from a budget perspective as well.

  1. What sort of information do you need from us?

Every situation is different, and everyone’s parking pain has different elements.

But this is generally how we would approach it.

  1. We will have a chat with you about your particular situation – your parking garage whether it’s indoors, outdoors, concrete, bitumen, the types of vehicles that generally park there, whether they are owners or tenants, commercial or residential.
  1. We ask you about the biggest problems you face with allocation of parking spots. For example, Is it that random strangers can access your parking area and just park in visitor parking bays reserved for residents’ real visitors? Is it that residents tend to abuse the privilege of using the visitor parking spots as their own for their second or third vehicle on a more permanent basis? Or is it that you have customers or clients that you want to reserve your parking spaces for in your commercial shop, but drivers who want to shop in the neighbouring shops decide to park there as well, even though they are labeled with your name on it?
  1. We ask you who manages the parking you need to sort out. Is it a building manager, a strata manager, a concierge, a member of the owners corporation on a voluntary basis?
  1. What is your ideal outcome that you want to achieve? Tell us what this is?
  1. Do you have a preference for manual parking bollard or an automated parking lock?
  1. Do you have any budgetary constraints?
  1. How do we go about getting approval from the Owners Corporation?

We can help streamline this process for you so easily – we’ve been doing this for 13+ years now!

So with all the information you’ve given us from our questions, we would then make some recommendations for you as to which of our vast parking bollards range would be best suited for your particular needs, outcome and budget.

Then on the basis of this, we would put together a proposal or quote for you with these different options. This could include installation costs, and obviously bulk volume discounts.

We’ll do virtually all the work for you!

Our proposal will include:

  • A quote on the items you’ve selected. And if you’re looking at a few options, we’ll give you a few quotes to compare! We’ll even set out the pros and cons of each option you’ve selected so you can show this to the Owners Corporation as well.
  • Full product specifications in pdf format so you can share them easily with your Owners’ corporation for voting purposes
  • Links to our product images and video demos on our youtube channel so your committee can see how the products work
  • If you’d like, happy to send out samples for you to demo in your meeting and leave with you for a few days so your committee members can drop in and check them out when convenient (we know all owners can’t always make the meeting times)
  • Soft copies of all operating manuals when you proceed with an order, so you’ll always have them on file
  • Warranty terms and conditions
  1. Some of the most common questions we get from Owners’ Corporation Committees are:

Key Alike. We’re also able to do ingenious things like key alike all your manual parking bollards for you so you don’t need to worry about losing keys.

Can you help uploading and monitoring data for the smartphone parking bollards. And for our range of smartphone parking bollards, we can help you upload all your residents parking data, and then give you access to a portal where you can easily manage and monitor usage and whether residents comply or not.

Can we see a sample before choosing which parking bollards? We’re also happy to send out samples for you to demo at your Owners Corporation meetings, as it’s so important for everyone to touch and feel the product you’re going to get. And as we all know, with an Owners’ Corporation, there are so many different stakeholders so we want to make it as easy as possible for you for you to get committee agreement.

What if we lose the operating manuals? We provide detailed instructions, operating manuals, instructions for the lobby for all residents. And on top of that we’re always here available on the phone to assist with any trouble-shooting issues.

Are your parking bollards really reliable? What happens when something goes wrong? Our parking bollards have all been so tried and tested, operating out in the field and in real parking situations for over 13 years so we know exactly what can go wrong and how to fix it. Usually we can diagnose it over the phone or with a short photo or video and it’s a quick and easy fix you can do yourselves.

Can you install the parking bollards for us?

Absolutely we can – just ask us for an installation quote for installing your choices of parking bollards by completing the information here. Or check out our blog post on how to install parking bollards.

Otherwise, we have a team on the ground who can come out for repairs or installations.

We can deal with the residents directly if they have a problem (our telephone number is on all our products), which minimizes the workload for any strata or building manager.

The end result is to make the pain of parking problems for an Owners’ Corporation go away. And that’s what we are really good at.

Solving your parking problems, with our fabulous reliable, tough, strong and durable parking bollards.

All this with a smile 😊😊😊😊

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