Fixed Bollards: as Strong as Dragon’s Teeth?

fixed bollards

Can a bollard stop a tank?

How strong are fixed parking bollards? Pretty strong! In fact, there is even a type of bollard referred to as ‘dragon’s teeth’, which was designed in World War II to impede, redirect or outright stop enemy tanks. Bollards really are with us through the trenches of modern life!


There are many different types of fixed bollards, but they all serve the same primary purpose: keeping people and property safe. They do this by both deterring vehicles and absorbing impact damage if it comes down to it.


The term bollards originally developed in a maritime setting, where bollards were fitted to defend against ship or boat damage. Then in the 17th century, bollards began to see implementation in front of households, businesses and other assets to guard against road-bound vehicle damage. There was just one problem: the mode of transport in the 1800s meant that these vehicles were horse-drawn carriages.

In short, the bollards of ye olde were wimps!


Since then, fixed parking bollards have evolved to effectively withstand the increased weight and force behind the impact of cars, trucks and beyond.

One of the strongest fixed parking bollards at That’s My Spot is our stainless steel bollard. At 1000mm tall and constructed of marine grade 316 stainless steel, this bollard is not about to back down from a challenge! It’s not just fixed bollards that can take a beating, though. 


Our manual folding bollards at That’s My Spot, for example, are crafted out of galvanised steel, weigh a hefty 11.5 kgs, and are anchored to the ground with ankascrews to ensure they don’t back down from vehicle mishaps.


Today, bollards are implemented just about any place where vehicles, property and pedestrians might collide. There is now a bollard for almost every situation you could imagine, including roadside bollards, traffic-island bollards, removable bollards, flexible bollards and even racing bollards (which are used in some forms of motorsport).


Crash-resistant fixed bollards are now stationed on duty 24/7 outside shopfronts and businesses looking to guard against deliberate vehicle impacts, like ram-raids. They are secure areas in and around parking lots, where they guide the flow of traffic,  protect parking assets from any accidental collisions, and delineate pedestrians from vehicles and ensure never the two shall meet out there on the tar.


Today you can find fixed bollards along malls, parks, playgrounds, bus disembarkation, toll booths, bicycle lanes, traffic medians, store fronts, intersections, site perimeters and, of course, car parking lots.


Unlike folding bollards, which are designed to fold down and rise up again, fixed bollards can be especially sturdy in their placement as they never move and are pretty unyielding.


If you’re in the market for the workhorse of the bollard family, fixed bollards are up for the task.


Take a look at the fine specimens on offer over on our fixed parking bollards page!