What is a bollard?


Have you ever got stuck accidentally running into a lane delineator when searching for a parking spot in a jam-packed parking lot?

Have you ever hit a signage pole when trying to reverse into a parking spot in the basement of a building?

Car parks these days guide traffic and parking with various hardware, such as lane delineators, barriers and poles. As a result, they prevent cars from hitting cars, walls, building assets and signage, or other structures.

We call it a bollard!

Bollards are often used in modern car parks or bridges to keep traffic where it needs to be. This article guides you on everything that you need to know about bollards, how they can benefit your building and how they keep your parking lot safe.

What is a bollard?

A bollard is a short thick and prominent post used to create a security barrier or security guard or architectural boundary. They are installed in parking lots, on the curbside, in parking areas, or around buildings to serve as a traffic guide, or security boundary, protecting the structure or asset.  This means that they keep cars and traffic in the areas they are supposed to be, and out of pedestrians’ way. Bollards are also known as bollard fences / bollard barriers.

What are bollards made from?

Plastic bollards to delineate traffic lanes in parking station

Bollards are made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, or plastic, and come in a variety of styles and finish options to match the surrounding environment. To increase strength and robustness, sometimes bollards can also be filled with concrete. You can install bollards to the ground either as surface-mounted, or alternatively they can be installed in-ground which means they are core-drilled into the ground surface.


What are the different types of bollards?

Decorative bollards

Decorative bollards along the Geelong Bollard Trail

A decorative bollard is used to add a more aesthetic look to areas like storefronts and apartments. They are used as an architectural feature around buildings, and create protective barriers between buildings and driving areas. Security bollards can be either framed to disappear into landscaping or to blend in with the form of the built architecture. Decorative bollards are made out of metal, plastic and wood.  They can also be used as artwork – check out the Geelong Bollard Walk for some cool decorative bollard art!

Fixed bollards

A fixed bollard is a collision protection barrier. Fixed bollards are used for:

  • Guiding traffic into lanes to enter into parking lots or parking basements
  • Delineating vehicular traffic areas from pedestrian areas
  • Blocking vehicles out from using pedestrian areas, and protecting pedestrian from traffic hazards.
  • Protecting essential services assets in buildings, such as gas and water pipes, airconiditioning units, access to switchboards and electrical meters,
Fixed Stainless Steel Security Bollards with reflective yellow

They are designed to be immobile and stay put in the location they are installed.

Fixed bollards are usually made from super-strong and resilient materials such as steel, as they need to withstand heavy damage. They are often filled with additional concrete for enhanced strength and security. This is because they need to be strong enough to deter potential attackers driving into vehicle free or protected zones.

Removable bollards

A removable bollard is one that is used in areas that have changing vehicle access requirements. These bollards can be lifted out of the ground and relocated to a different area. Alternatively, collapsible bollards, which can be folded down to be out of the way, can be used in these situations. This is when traffic conditions change, so removable bollards are moved between locations to another to modify varied traffic movements. They also give clear directions to drivers and pedestrians where visitors are or are not allowed. You can also use collapsible bollards in parking areas such as loading docks, disabled parking bays or secure parking bays. This allows you to control access to only allow authorized vehicles or drivers to access those parking bays.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards give you the best of temporary and permanent bollards. Depending on location and requirements, they can retract fully into the ground. Alternatively they can fold down to lie flat on an automated basis.  In special high security locations – think the United Nations or political outdoor areas, specialty military strength steel bollards are built underneath road surfaces. They even look like army tanks!

The automatic bollard can be kept underground or stretched upwards, depending on your needs and the time of day.

An automatic bollard can be held during standard traffic and then lowered when you need more space.

If your needs between vehicle access and pedestrian-friendly zones change depending on the time of day or night, then automatic bollards are the perfect answer.  These bollards lower to permit authorised drivers to access the area. And then they are raised up to their vertical position at any time when want to restrict access again. So automatic bollards are the perfect solution for parking spaces such as for visitor parking bays. And don’t forget for EV charging bays or emergency response vehicles in sporting arenas or similar concert events.

Stainless steel automated bollards with red safety lights to protect a building entry

Where are security bollards used?

Security bollards are used in many different places. They are used to control vehicle and pedestrian access, and as a security measure, to protect against ram raids. Security bollards are commonly used at these types of locations:

Car Parking With Remote Control Bollard
Remote Control Parking Bollard TMS-APL2 installed Coogee

What is a bollard used for?

  1. You can use a bollard can be used for a many purposes, including asset protection, security, protection against accidents, and directional traffic flow.
  2. In addition, bollards prevent accidents and reduce traffic congestion
  3. Bollards keep pedestrians and vehicles safe, by demarcating separate zones for each, and putting security bollards between them.
  4. Bollards can be used to mark the boundaries of a business or parking lot.
  5. Another key area that bollards are used at banks, military bases, schools, shopping malls, and other commercial and retail locations.

How tall are Bollards?

Basically, there is no standardised defined height or dimensions for bollards. After all, the height you choose will depend on your purpose and needs. Because bollards are for safety, you would typically select a height, thickness and material that is suitable for your purpose and budget. So they are tall and strong enough to do its job.

The most common bollards range between 90 to 150 cm tall. Bollards improve visibility and help increase safety, so they’re commonly used in a range of sizes. In parking lots Australian industry standard AS2890 provides some guidelines about minimum requirements for safety items installed in car parks.

Bollards for Safety

Bollards prevents vehicles from ram raids or when they are out-of-control vehicles from crashing into your building. So they help reduce liability for your property. Security bollards protect from vehicle attacks, such as low-impact storefront accidents. These occur more frequently than you think so security bollards are a great preventative solution.

Manual folding parking bollards TMS-B04 and TMS-B06 installed in outdoors parking lot

Collapsible bollards are an ideal solution for vehicle access control when the traffic needs change over different periods. Collapsible bollards constructed from premium steel tubing, which gives them the same protection as fixed and removable units. They are convenient for use where you have to quickly change pedestrian/ vehicle zones and also in emergency situations.

You need to ensure your parking area in a residential strata or commercial office building, is secure for vehicle traffic. As bollard shop experts, Get in touch and we will guide you as to what the best parking bollards or parking barriers are best for installation for your situation. Get in touch with us, the parking bollard experts at thatsMYspot today.

There are many different types of bollards available on the market, but not all of them are created equal. As a result, when you choose the right bollard it should match your needs, and consider materials, design, and the installation process.

At That My Spot, as a bollard shop, we offer a range of security bollards and other parking bollards.  We offer our customers security in the form of proven, high-end parking bollards. They can be used individuals, businesses, shopping malls and public spaces across Australia.

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