Technology vs People: It’s People That Truly Matter

With technology commanding a plethora of interactions across our lives, sadly personalized communication with customers is rapidly disappearing

Technology is woderful but it’s people that matter most.

“Customer experience” is a buzz phrase constantly bandied about within countless organizations – with hours of endless training and company meetings in this area. But in reality, how many actually truly implement this learning? Do they follow up personally with the customer, then review, analyze, and make improvements based on the customers’ feedback? To enable them to say they geniunely own and implement this unique selling proposition of optimizing the “customer experience”?

For example, the most common customer experience we hear about in relation to parking is stress, anxiety and dread. Will I find a parking spot? Will I make my meeting on time? How much is it going to cost me? Will I run over the parking limit? Parking operators, both in the private and public sectors, have the incredible challenge, as well as amazing opportunity, to transform this experience

But so far it has not proven to be easy.


Historically the parking industry has not had a great reputation for customer experience and delivering authentic concern. Our industry talks about the business of parking; few talk about the person parking the car or how to make the parking experience better for the parker.

Circular Car Stacker Volkswago
Smart stacking parking technology

Typically, our parking industry describes the relationship that parking operators need to develop with their customers. But if we are true to the selling proposition of improving the “customer experience”, don’t you think it should be the other way around? What as a supplier of parking services can we do to make the consumer’s experience better, less stressful, and in fact turn it around to be a positive, simple and hassle-free experience?

A genuine personal interaction needs to leave our customers appreciated and valued, making their life easier. And how we can use technology to deliver a positive end-user experience for the parker?

We are bombarded with parking technology information and new developments from new parking apps to show you cheapest pricing rates and specials, dynamic pricing for toll roads, electric vehicle chargers in Council parking zones, and the list goes on. All this among the increasing cost to utilize scarcer and scarcer parking resources.

Agree, all of these are fantastic and do deliver a great outcome, but this technology is stoic and emotionless. It does not deliver the full picture, a true streamlined customer experience so our customers can be given some choice to let them decide how they transact this journey.

Technology most certainly solves all these problems but in most cases it is lacking in empowering and the ability to connect with the end customer, the ultimate user. The key in the parking industry is to leverage this fantastic technology to humanize the parking experience and deliver the best outcome for our customers.

At we are constantly refining the service element of parking. We are committed to delivering a personal interaction to our clients to make their lives better and provide them with a seamless, hassle-free parking solution and experience.

Smartphone parking bollard thatsmyspot
Smartphone parking bollard – TMS-APL5

Our range of smartphone parking bollards do exactly that. We use smartphone technology in our parking locks to make our customer’s user experience a whole lot more streamlined, efficient, and easy. So we do that on the technical side. But more importantly, and here is the point of difference, we are also on hand personally with our customer. To guide them through how to use it in person when we install them, to be the voice at the end of the phone at strange hours if someone new is having trouble learning to use it. And in doing so, we are personally there to demonstrate to them how easy it is for their business to adopt the new products and technology. This hand holding and attention to detail with our customer is because we understand the importance of customer service and delivering an extraordinary customer experience. All in all humanizing the journey and working hard to solve their pain points. To make their parking experience one of convenience, easy and simplicity. range of customized manual, automatic and smartphone operated parking barriers, bollards and parking locks are simple to use, install and come with a 12-month money-back guarantee. is a proudly 100% Australian-owned business, based in Sydney, and delivering nationwide.

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