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“Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten”

Sir Frederick Henry Royce, co-founder of the Rolls-Royce company

Imperative to any successful business is that it delivers an extraordinary quality product, coupled with a fantastic, seamless and memorable customer experience.

A challenge we truly feel in the parking industry.

Sadly, the most common customer experience we hear in the parking industry is stress, anxiety and dread …


Will I find a parking spot?

Will I make my meeting on time?

How much is it going to cost me?

Will I run over the parking limit?


As operators in the parking industry, our goal needs to be to reverse this mindset and deliver a terrific stress-free customer experience.

We want to take our customers on a pleasant journey of convenience, ease, simplicity and dare I say it – even a joyful experience – ensuring they arrive calmer, happier and more relaxed at their destination!

Let’s look at a novel example that shopping centre parking operators in parts of China are putting into play. It’s sassy, innovative and attracting plenty of global attention.

The objective of these shopping centres is not purely about maximising revenue or cutting operational costs. It’s about changing the status quo, and the perception when one arrives to park at that shopping centre. How? By delivering a superlative customer experience, in an industry that’s renowned for commoditized and bland concrete parking spaces, coupled with similarly unimaginative customer experiences.

In China, “LADIES ONLY” parking is being offered in some shopping centres with these designated parking spaces at 3.2 metres wide (one and a half the times of a regular parking space) painted with a bright pink territorial signage, and in some cases even feature a pink stiletto graphic!

Controversial? Absolutely! Are they popular? Definitely! And do they command a premium price? Extraordinarily so!

“Ladies Only” parking spaces are closer to the shopping centre exits and monitoring systems, more convenient for female drivers, and far safer, especially at night. Savvy shopping centre parking operators in China, South, Korea and Russia have created this unique market sector, via clever marketing, so by differentiating their parking offering they are able to deliver a vastly improved, safer, and superior customer experience. The result : Much happier end user! 

The industry and parking venue managers need to understand that it is the parking experience that is the first and last impression of wherever that customer’s shopping destination happens to be. Beautiful lobby areas, food courts and landscaping are certainly impressive, and clearly tend to be the principal areas where shopping centre operators invest their real estate dollars. However, if the parking situation is dismal, it will certainly impact on the calibre of tenants and the quality of visitors. It may ultimately result in potential customers choosing another shopping centre just a few kilometres away, where parking is easier, ie lost foot traffic and revenue for all.

The meticulous quality of engineering insisted upon by the perfectionist Henry Royce is what established the impeccable reputation of Rolls-Royce.

At we insist on the same quality and perfectionism in every level of our quality of products which stand the test of time and our exceptional customer service.

TMS-APL5 thatsmyspot smartphone autosensor parking bollardAll our products undergo rigorous testing in the extreme climatic conditions and have a 12 month warranty. We are so committed to the quality of our products, that if something goes wrong with the motor, lock or parts (excluding batteries), we will either repair or replace our product at our expense.

100% Australian owned, was founded to improve the quality of products in the parking sector and to make your parking experience stress-free, calmer and much more enjoyable!

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