Best Bollards for Visitor Parking

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Solving car park pain points in visitor parking can be more seamless than you think. Parking bollards provide an easy and reliable means to meet safety requirements and improve traffic management practices. With bright colours and resilient materials, bollards are designed to be durable and create high visibility in any car park. To encourage attentive driving, car park bollards can provide guidelines and barriers for drivers to adhere to, improving general safety and reducing traffic. Each bollard has a unique purpose and advantage, and knowing which one best suits your needs can be a critical part of the decision.

How do Remote Controlled Bollards Compare to Fixed Bollards?

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Remote controlled bollards are convenient and efficient, offering a more advanced solution to visitor parking. Controlled by a remote, these bollards can be placed in parking bays to delegate parking for specific people, uses, or functions. While fixed bollards can’t be placed in parking bays themselves, they are efficient when positioned as barriers. A yellow bollard made from durable materials and placed in fixed rows can improve safety by dividing traffic and pedestrians, dividing the public from visitors, or even separating people from high value fixtures. 
Both remote controlled bollards and fixed bollards can be competent measures that improve car park safety. If you’re looking for a convenient means to reserve parking bays for patrons or visitors, a remote controlled bollard can be an easy choice. If you’re looking to improve safety requirements by fortifying select zones outside of parking bays, a steel or fixed bollard will offer a reliable defense.


Which Car Park Bollards Help with Traffic Management?

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All parking bollards are designed to maintain order in areas that see heavier traffic. By keeping pedestrians and moving vehicles divided, and by ensuring no illegal parking, the general flow of traffic in a car park can be improved. The right bollard for your visitor parking depends on the functions you need the bollard to best serve. Remote controlled bollards are conveniently controlled from a remote and serve the function of reserving parking bays for permitted drivers only. In this instance, a visitor would be required to have possession of the remote for their booked bay.  
Manual bollards offer the perfect guideline to let people know a parking bay is reserved, and can be easily collapsed by the permitted driver. Smartphone parking bollards are controlled from an app which replaces the function of the remote. This allows the same use as the remote controlled bollard, only visitors could be connected to a device and app instead of holding a physical remote. Fixed bollards are designed to stay in place and do not collapse, these are best used for creating barriers outside of parking bays to divide people and moving vehicles.

Which Bollards Create High Visibility?

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Car parks often have to balance the safety of pedestrians and the order of traffic. Parking bollards offer a means to encourage attentive driving and enforce compliance in parking lots. Creating high visibility and safe divides between moving vehicles and pedestrians is a common pain point in a car park, and that’s where parking bollards come in as the solution. Parking bollards such as our yellow bollards come in eye-catching colours by design. 
When it comes to selecting the right bollard for your visitor parking, you will have to look at what you want most from a bollard, and what space you are looking to cover and protect. A row of fixed bollards may be the affordable and more resilient choice for larger or longer stretches of car park. A high-end establishment may want to offer their patrons the convenience of an app-controlled bollard. For reserving specific bays, a manual or automatic bollard may be the solution to keep non-visitors from losing their bays to illegal parkers.  
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