What are the best Security Bollards for Outdoor Areas

raining streets
bollards in sun

Outdoor areas tend to leave cars less well-guarded than sheltered parking basements, garages or other enclosed parking spaces. This lack of shelter often extends to other aspects of the parking lot – from vulnerable glass shop fronts at risk of ram raids, to expensive industrial property such as air-conditioners, or plenty of civilian crossover from the neighbouring buildings. Outdoor parking lots are generally impacted by the wider area, be they in the CBD, strata, visitor parking or other heavily trafficked areas, and this can leave a great number of aspects more vulnerable. 

For this reason, we often get queries regarding security bollards to complement the usual parking bollards in outdoor parking locations. We usually recommend fixed parking bollards, as they are the most unyielding and suitable for locations you never want vehicles entering – such as through your glass store front! 

Below we’ve outlined some of the most common questions regarding our safety bollards. 

Are Bollards Weatherproof? 

rusted bollard

Yes! Bollards are an investment, and a good one should last you years to come even in the rigors of the outdoors. While some bollards may seek shelter in underground parking lots or garages, the That’s My Spot range has been specifically designed to be weatherproof, durable and robust enough to endure the elements – from sunny Sydney to the harsh rains of Queensland!  

This means you can fix our bollards in outdoor parking spots such as strata or visitor parking, corporate offices, outside apartments, shopping centres, hotels and just about anywhere else without risk of damage from the weather.  

Do Bollards Deteriorate Outdoors?

Parking bollards can be made from various materials, with metal being the most common. Our range consists of reinforced metals, with the toughest of them being without a doubt the fixed bollard.  

weathered bollards

Generally speaking, while metal is tough and resilient, it does weather over time. Metal can rust and become vulnerable when left outdoors. Elements such as rain, sun, snow, or hail, can all impact the durability of a metal bollard over a period of prolonged outdoor exposure. Rain can cause rust, hail can chip away layers of protective paint and scratch the bollard, and extreme temperature changes from hot to cold can cause swelling and shrinking creating potential wear and tear. 
This said, our parking bollards are designed with outdoor use in mind, and they are typically coated in anti-weathering materials. Maintaining all layers of paint or protection can prolong the life of your bollard. Overall, the aesthetics and appearance of your security bollard will deteriorate long before it loses purpose and durability.  

Looking to secure an outdoor area? Look no further than the security bollards at That’s My Spot. And if your issue is less of a security concern, and more of an unauthorised parking concern, then browse our collapsible parking bollards over in the shop that enable authorised users to come and go – with permission.