Why I started thatsmyspot.com.au

Angelique Mentis thatsmyspot

I had 3 three young kids…

I was a busy professional…

With a crazy daily work schedule…

The least I could have gotten was being able to park in my spot when I needed to.

Is that too much to ask?

But no!

Some selfish soul decides to deny me this little request.

I was frustrated!

But instead of turning my frustration into anger and taking it out on people…

I thought to myself…

“Is there a solution that prevents people from taking my parking space?”

I looked around but couldn’t find any.


So, I decided to take matters into my hands…

And that’s how thatsMYspot.com.au was created.

14 years later, we are still going strong not just because we are the first of a kind but because I prioritize excellent customer service and great product quality.

And my goal is to provide simple parking solutions…one city at a time.

Angelique Mentis thatsmyspot with Rosie
Angelique Mentis thatsmyspot with Rosie

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