From corporate lawyer to business owner …


You may be wondering…

How did I transition being a corporate finance lawyer for nearly 20 years to becoming the founder of a tech business?

Well…growing the business wasn’t a walk in the park.

I had to grow the business from scratch and back in the day…

The digital world wasn’t as we now know it to be.

Fortunately, I was moonlighting as a property developer for residential strata buildings, and parking issues kept on popping up.

And just like that…

I came up with thatsMYspot, which provides parking solutions to solve the stress and frustration of parking problems.

Through word-of-mouth and my website, I gradually built the business to where it is now.

If you need help to solve your parking problems, feel free to message me for some free advice!

Watch the Video now

Angelique Mentis thatsmyspot Rosie

Angelique and Rosie the trusty “parking hound”

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