What’s your biggest bug-bear YOU face when it comes to parking?

What's your biggest pain point in parking?

So this week I thought I would ask you

What is the biggest bug-bear YOU face when it comes to parking.

Is it …

When someone steals your parking spot?

When someone parks in your designated parking spot in your apartment or office building?

When residents in the strata building you manage park endlessly in visitor parking bays?

Hearing complaints from drivers every day about no access to shared parking in the building you run?

And what would the solution to these pain points look like for you?

Seriously, I want to find out!

Why? Because I want to make those pain points for you disappear!

Tell me via this survey your worst parking experience and the problems you face around your parking ——-->


PS. If you complete the survey, you are entitled to a 10% discount on any smartphone parking bollard purchase.

Just hit me up at info@thatsmyspot.com.au and I’ll share the code!

That’s it for now!

Angelique thatsmyspot 🚗💨


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