What Are The Different Kinds of Parking Bollards? Why Should You Choose Them?

Manual folding parking bollards

There are several aspects people consider when selecting the ideal bollard parking solution to address their parking problem.

The best way to choose a bollard parking solution should be to consider the following factors:

  • application of use
  • affordability
  • convenience
  • personal preference.
Ribbon of Achievement: Winner of Affordability

If one of these factors is critical to you, you may want to take a look at the winners in each category.

The Manual Parking Bollard: Winner of Affordability!

Heavy Duty Manual Parking Bollard
Heavy duty manual parking bollard with padlock – TMS-MPL2 front view

Manual parking bollards are collapsible as needed, and offer all the versatility of coming and going in and out of your designated parking bay at a very affordable price point.

Unlike with automatic bollards, drivers will need to step out of their vehicles to operate their manual parking bollard by way of a key and lock system.

That said, the simplicity of these manual bollards makes them a highly affordable choice, whether you are an individual who needs a parking bollard to safeguard their parking spot outside a residential address or place of work, or whether you operate on a more commercial scale and wish to cost-effectively implement a bulk order of bollards.

For even further savings, thatsMyspot.com.au offers discounts on any bulk orders, which can be keyed alike for effortless accessibility.

Ribbon of Achievement: Winner of Convenience

For affordable parking solutions, shop manual parking bollards here!

The Automatic Parking Bollard: The Most Convenient Parking Bollard

When it comes to convenience, there is no contest. Automatic parking bollards offer peace of mind from unauthorised parking or traffic flow, as well as collapsing for ease of access at the click of a button.

What’s more, there are two types of automatic parking bollards to choose from.

Smart Phone Parking Bollard Installed Outdoors
Smartphone parking bollard – TMS-APL4 installation bitumen – raised

The first is remote-control parking bollards, which rise and fall at the push of a button on the supplied easy-to-use remote controls.

The second is smartphone-operated bollards. These increase your parking convenience even further by requiring nothing but your smartphone to operate using a free app! You and whoever else requires access to the parking area need only download the app and control the collapse of the automatic parking bollard directly from your smartphone – especially convenient if multiple people require frequent usage. For the height in convenient parking solutions, shop automatic parking bollards and smartphone parking barriers here.

Ribbon of Achievement: Winner of Security

The Fixed Parking Bollard: The Most Secure Parking Bollard

Fixed parking bollards are a popular choice when it comes to security applications.  Their usage ranges from roadway and pedestrian demarcation to ensure the safety of all parties and facilitate seamless traffic flow, to asset protection when fixed parking bollards are stationed outside vulnerable building components such as storefronts.

Our fixed parking bollards come in bright yellow with red reflective tape as a visual guide to entry and exit points, as well as a deterrent to unauthorized access.

Fixed parking bollards are an effective guard against ram-raids, a smash-and-grab tactic that involves ramming a vehicle through a store window to loot its contents in the shortest duration possible. Durably designed to withstand vehicle impact, fixed parking bollards offer the ultimate in peace of mind for security applications of parking bollards in areas where you don’t want traffic at all. For leading innovation in security parking solutions, shop fixed parking bollards here.

Manual Folding Parking Bollard
Manual folding parking bollards TMS-B04 and TMS-B06 installed in outdoors parking lot

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