3 Benefits of Smartphone Automatic Parking Bollards

Considering a Smart Parking Bollard?

Automatic parking bollards offer the most convenient method of operating your parking bollard in general, no questions asked. They keep your parking bay secured from unauthorised usage and ensure exclusive access to bay owners without ever needing to leave the comfort of their vehicles. But of these automated bollards, the smartphone operated variants are on the high end of the spectrum. We’ll outline a few reasons why below.

Benefit 1: No need to remember a remote or key

Your smartphone is just about always with you, which means so is your remote control for your parking bollard. This leaves you free to walk out your front door without adding anything to your checklist to remember to take with you. Who doesn’t want one less thing to keep track of?

Share a bollard

Benefit 2: Multiple users can use the same parking bollard from their own smartphones

Sharing access to your smartphone automatic parking bollard is as easy as getting authorised users to download an app and grant them sharing access. This means there is no need to buy multiple remotes and work out who gets to use them and when. Simply provide loved ones, friends, guests or visitors access to the parking spot via their own smartphones.

This is not only beneficial to residential users looking to restrict access to their own personal bays, but offers further benefits to strata or facilities managers looking to easily admit visitors, or corporate parking bay owners looking to facilitate designated staff parking. With Covid-19 accelerating adoption of contactless solutions, this is even more important than ever.

Whether your guests are personal or for body corporate, forget any physical exchanging of “keys”. Now all access to the parking bollard can occur completely remotely. There is also no limit to the number of users who can install the app and you can give access to, or remove access from anyone when you need to as well. So this is a brilliant benefit worth keeping in mind if you have plans to share your parking spot with lots of users.


Benefit 3: These smart bollards can close behind you automatically

For complete ease of use and peace of mind, you can upgrade to our premium smartphone operated bollard – which comes equipped with an auto-sensor which automatically close the parking bollard on departure. No more looking in rear view mirrors to check the bollard has locked into position behind you, or getting halfway down the street before wondering if you remembered to hit the “lock” button.

The auto-sensor in our smartphone parking bollards detects when your car has vacated the parking spot, and within two minutes, resumes its guard duty in the upright position.

Well there you have it! Considering picking up the most convenient automatic parking bollard of them all? Head over to our products page to browse, and feel free to get in touch for some friendly advice!